Vinsic Warrior P5 30000mAh 4.5A/19V Notebook Power Bank Dual Ports External Battery charger for Laptops,Tablets & iPhone Samsung

Vinsic Warrior P5 30000mAh 4.5A/19V Notebook Power Bank Dual Ports External Battery charger for Laptops,Tablets & iPhone Samsung
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Specification: Capacity:30000mAh DC Input: 19V/1.5A Micro Input: 5V/1.5A 1. DC Output: 19V/3.5A; Instantaneous Max Current : 4.5A 2.USB Output1: 5V 2.4A(Max) USB Output2: 5V 2.4A(Max) Total USB Output: 5V/3A(Max) Battery:Imported 18650 battery Materials:PC Instructions: 1. Charging the Power Bank You can use a DC adapter or micro USB cable to easily charge the power bank. During the charging, the LED display keeps on and shows you the charging status. (In order to charge the power bank quickly, we recommend you to use the DC adapter supplied.) 2. Charging the Mobile Devices (1) Connect the power bank to your device by the DC or USB cable, and switch on the power bank, then it will charge your device normally. The LED display turns on to show you the remaining capacity, and then goes off in 20s. If you want to view the remaining capacity during use, please switch on the LED display manually. (2) After your devices is fully charged, the power bank will go off automatically. If you want to interrupt the charging, please disconnect your device with the power bank. Package Included: 1、Power bank *1 2、DC adapter *1 3、Micro USB cable *1 4、DC laptop adapter *1 set(8 different types of DC adapter, Apple laptops adapter not included) 5、User manual *1 Notices: 1. This power bank is compatible with most laptops, mobile phones and tablets, but not all. 2. Due to the high capacity of the power bank, we recommend you to charge it with the supplied DC adapter. Micro USB cable is available, just it will cause a long charging time. 3. The equipped 8 DC adapters are compatible with the Notebooks/Notepads as: A= HP/Dell ( I 7.4*0.6 mm) B=Sony /Fyjistu (A 6.0*1.4 mm) C= Liteon/Fujitsu/Dell/Delta (C5525) D= Compaq/Acer/Benq/Toshiba(D5521) E= Acer/Sony (E5517) F= Samsung (H5.0*10 mm) H= HP/Delta/Compaq (F4817) I= Lenovo (K 7.9*10 mm) 4. Do not drop the power bank. Fall is likely to damage the product performance. 5. Don\'t leave the product in the moist or high temperature place 6. This is not a toy, please keep it away from children.

Shipping Method Power Bank: Netherland Post, Sweden Post, or others Post with tracking No. Other Products: China Registered Post with tracking No. Top Sellers: RU/US/EU Local Shipping Shipping Time Dispatch Time: 1-3days after payment process is completed. Delivery Time: RU US EU countries (10-25 working days) Rest of the world(20-60 days) Not received after 45 days: Contact us and we will check with our agent Not received after 60 days: Issue refund Custom/VAT We are not responsible for any VAT or custom charges.(but we declare low value on the package try to avoid the custom fee) Warranty: 18 months Product Warranty Defective in 3 Months: Replacement without Extra Charger Defective after 3 Months: Replace or repair, Buyers pays the shipping fee for resend or replace product Ratings: Please do not open dispute or leave negative feedback without talking to us. We value our customers as well as our feedback profile. If we ignore your message or we can not solve your problem, you can open dispute. Does your Vinsic 30000mah power bank have the real capacity? Vinsic is well-known brand Power Bank Company, we declare the real capacity for all power bank we sell. How many times can charger my phone? Number of charges equals = (Power capacity of Power Bank* battery conversion efficiency* phone inner core conversion efficiency (80%))/ the capacity of mobile phone battery Take for iPhone 6 for example: Capacity of Power Bank: 30000mAh Power bank conversion efficiency: 3.7V/5V Phone inner core conversion efficiency: 80% The capacity for iPhone6 battery: 1810 mAh (30000mAh x 3.7/5*80%)/1810=9.8 So 30000mAh Power bank, the total Number of Charger for iPhone 6 is 10 times. The capacity of commonly mobile phone batteries iPhone 4S:1470mAh ,for iPhone5: 1440mAh,for iPhone5s: 1560mAh,for iPhone6: 1810mAh,for iPhone6 Plus:2915mAh. for Samsung GALAXY Note: 2500mAh,for Samsung Galaxy Note: 3000mAh,for Samsung S4/S5:2600mAh ';