UBGO 1005 60V/52V Double Drive 2000W motor powerful electric scooter 10inch E-Scooter with oil brake

UBGO 1005 60V/52V Double Drive 2000W motor powerful electric scooter 10inch E-Scooter with oil brake


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807.50-1045.001339.50-1415.501339.50-1415.501160.00-1200.00807.50-1045.00 1005 60V/52V Double Drive 2000W motor powerful electric scooter 10inch E-Scooter with oil brake

Now we have , if you need it, the price will add 180 USD. We have one year warranty period for LG battery.

Changes Listed Below:

1,Using new controller and display, new controller will reduce the overheating problem.

2,If you want,choose the "-Gapless".

​​3,New UBGO double driver use WIDE DECK(24Cm) , and could not change to narrow deck,please note.

Detail design may little different according to the mill production lot. ​ NOTE:this scooter doesn\'t have alarm system usually as it is not so stable in longterm use. Motor: 1000W * 2 Battery Capacity: 52V26AH/60V21AH Max Mileage: 52V26A battery can support 60-90km; 60V21A battery can support 40-60km. ​We recommend 52V26A which has better mileage and stable performance. 60V21A can support stronger power, which is better for climbing as well but much less mileage as it exhausting the battery too much. For 65kg round driver on flat road at 20-25 celsius degree. Brake: we have 2 option. a, both oil braking for front wheel and rear wheel. b, both mechanical disc brake for front and rear wheel. If you need option b, need to remind us when you order. The price would be same. if no request, we would make it front oil braking for both front and rear wheels. Tire: 10inch inflatable tire Top Speed: 60-70km/h for 65kg around driver at flat road Net Weight: 35.77kgs General Weight with packing: 39kgs Characteristics:

1.It has both front and rear suspensions.

2.Quick release and repair.

3.Folding part is improved to be firmer.

4.Lower noise.

5.Less security threats with unique design of waterproof electric circuit.

6.Double suspensions on the front and rear.

7.It has USB charging port, front and rear disc brakes and anti-thieft key system.

8.Double LED spotlights on the front and rear(some models with bigger battery capacity may not have enough space for the lights).

9.Free choices of three modes:non-kick start,kick-start,cruise mode.

10.the client can order the additional , as standard match still only has one charger.

Picture of real products:

This LED switch will not add on our scooter, only when you buy ,we will add it.

New contoller:

New waterproof wiring way:

New kickstand:

New deck:

New compartment:(the controllers are bigger than the old one, so we need more deep compartment, the battery and motor is same as old version)

For client from Romainia who want UBGO, we advise you buy the scooter through “We Are Electric”, who is our offical partner for UBGO brand, to enjoy better price and better after service. And you can contact webiste: weareelectric.ro/

Product Tips:

1. Don\'t put the electric Scooter under the rain, when you don\'t use it. Also don\'t swim it the scooter in the water puddles, and protect the charger port from any water entering.
2. Over charging the battery in first 3 times chargings to use the full capacity of the battery.
3. Don\'t ride at high speed on crowded street, and wear protector when riding. Also follow your local law when using the electric vechicle.
4. We advise you turn off the light before turning off the scooter, and turn on the light after turning on the scooter if there is different switch. Some model the vechicle can\'t be turned on when the light button is pressed on.

Battery Tips:

1.The lowest working temperature for full discharge is 15℃. When the temperature is getting lower, the discharge current gets lower, and the mileage would be much shorter.

2.When battery capacity is in low level, which is less then 20%, please charge it on time.

3. Don’t charge the battery outdoors when temperature is lower than 0℃, which would be fail.

4. When the temperature is lower than -20℃, scooter can’t work any more as the lithium battery is dormant.

5. Do not keep lithium battery under -20℃. Put it in a warm room if possible.

6. If you don’t plan to ride the scooter in very long term, please charge battery till its capacity reaches 50%-80%, and remove it from the scooter. Keep the battery in dry condition and charge it once per month. we would choose faster shipping way but sometime there is limited selecting options duo to the IATA policy to lithium battery, so we would use some special line for transportation. *unavailable area for delivery: 1. Hawaii area of the USA, Alaska Area of the USA 2. Canary Islands of Spain, Melilla of Spain, Balearic Islands of Spain 3. Faroe Island of Denmark 4. And other islands which is remote and far from its mainland cities (There is a better choice that you can place your order with a transfer address on the mainland and you can fetch your package there. Check before order.) *We now can send elelctric scooter to Brazil. *HK UPS: We can deliver the electric scooter, whoes weight is within 30kg, to Canada, United States, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Switzerland, Norway, Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino and Dominican Republic by HK UPS as a faster delivery. but for some remote city and area of Canada and Norway, we may can not deliver it, so pls kindly check with us before order with your detail address and postal code zip code. Also there may be tax happen by HK UPS, and need your assistance for custom clearance. *For Russia: The shipping time would be within 20 days for Moscow and Saint Petersburg, and 20 to 30 days for most other cities. But it can take 30 to 40 days if the area is very remote, and Kaliningrad area can even take 45 days around in some extreme case. Count the shipping time before you order it especially we know the summer in Russia is shorter to enjoy electric scooter. *For South America: there would be tax happen in most South America, and the custom clearance and tax would be the buyer\'s responsibility only. For South Armerica, we can\'t promise anything about the final tax and custom clearance process. *Tax free list for electric scooter by special line: USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia, UK, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Denmark, Ireland, Greece, Portugal, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Hungary, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, Japan, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Belarus with special line from us. For other country, in order to ensure you receive your order with tax free or lower tax upon import, we\'ll declare a lower value. If any import charges or fees are the buyer\'s responsibility. *Guarantee for Electric Scooter and Electric Bike (also notice for dispute, except some special model with extra policy) In case there is quality problem, not caused by human, some outer force damage, accident or water entering, we can give the guarantee for different part like below: Offer 6 months guarantee for the metal battery cabinet including the deck if there is any crack or broken in condition of normal use within the loading weight we stated. Offer 6 months guarantee for battery, controller and motor; Offer 3 months guarantee for LCD (odometer). We don’t offer guarantee for tires, fenders etc in the normal using as they are consumables with varied condition of different user. IF the client received the scooter with broken part, we can send the spare part free to buyer. For quality problem, we encourage the buyer talk with us detail before dispute to get the real solution from us. IF the client has argument and complex situation, we shall try to help him out by our source and cost, beyond the guarantee policy. We will also give credit and honest buyer extra service and support. We shall protect the consumer right, and block malicious dispute buyer. We will establish wealthy mutual reliable relation between the seller and buyer to make long term ecosystem in our store. * In most electric product delivery, we would use right plug for you, and add one charge adapter in case. * Watch out the battery from water, which will damage the battery to destroy the electric product. * Endurance and speed will be varied according to bearing weight, road condition, and temperature. You should make sure that before you get a UBGO 1005 60V/52V Double Drive 2000W motor powerful electric scooter 10inch E-Scooter with oil brake you have already seen and read the detail of the products first. This way you can be sure that you are getting the right product that may work for you. Since this UBGO 1005 60V/52V Double Drive 2000W motor powerful electric scooter 10inch E-Scooter with oil brake has good quality it is one of the better sellers on the market now and several people are recommending the product to their friends and family. These days the product is actually affordable for almost everyone and it’s an excellent buy for the money. You don’t need cheaper products if it'll only sabotage your projects and can not provide you with the sort of quality that you'll require in the merchandise. With the bigger price you will be sure that your cash is worth spending in this product.