Transistor Tester Detect IC Meter Maintenance Digital led Tester MOS PNP NPN

Transistor Tester Detect IC Meter Maintenance Digital led Tester MOS PNP NPN


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Integrated circuit tester, transistor tester ic test

Repair Wizard is designed for first-line maintenance personnel designed multifunction maintenance tester, you can choose a different test mode 5v mode 3.3v mode, auto mode test 74ch series 74ls series, CD4000 the series, HEF400 series, 4500 series operational amplifiers, interface class chip, optocouplers, transistors automatic identification, the zener regulator value identification, and so on. Built-in 13 kinds of various types of chip data model, the transistor data model more than 420 kinds, covering the majority of 24 feet or less common devices, can greatly reduce the maintenance workload, improve maintenance efficiency.

Difference between programmer and tester:
The programmer\'s main function is to programming rather than device testing, device testing only the additional features, it\'s logical state reads are io can not discriminate Series 74HC and 74LS series, and can not distinguish CD4000 the series and HEF4000 distinction .. a little the electronic common sense people know that using a different logic level standard 74hc series 74ls series CD4000 series is not exactly the same as HEF4000 series, for example, CD4068, CD4078 and HEF4068, HEF4078 there logic functional difference is not substitution, such devices accounted for a certain proportion.
Digital chip TTL level standard and COMS level standard maintenance wizard completely judged according to their level of standards in order to maintain the test of reliability. Programmers generally only test the logic function is correct, and can not be tested on the threshold. For example: programmer search 74HC00, the programmer will only display 7400, and can not show what level standard. When aging, decline in driving ability, soft fault test chip programmer fundamental test does not come out. Repair wizard is based on the threshold to determine the same, such as will be displayed in search 74HC00 74HC00 search 74LS00 74LS00 LS or HC mode test chip, chip damage will be considered! And so on and vice versa.

The panel has five buttons up, down, left, right, and the Enter key.
The up and down keys for adjusting directory and change the model number, the left and right arrow keys for the left and right to move the cursor to select the item you want to change. The Enter key is used to switch the machine and perform tests command.
Boot: press the Enter key for more than 2 seconds to boot.
Shutdown: OFF directory, press Enter key and then immediately shut down.
2 in any directory that is more than 10 seconds, press the Enter key to shutdown.
3 without any operation after 60 seconds, the automatic shutdown
(Recommended use the first shutdown mode, the most to save battery power.

Introduction working principle:
The repair wizard 9v laminated battery, the same as with ordinary multimeter battery, power consumption is quite ordinary digital multimeter. Press the enter key can boot first boot automatically perform a self-test, self-test the battery voltage is detected and displayed on the screen after the passage of more than two seconds, when the battery voltage is below 7v replace the battery, in order to ensure measurement accuracy. If there is no alarm you can start measuring work. Native AD 10 AD, the theoretical resolution of 5v voltage is 0.0048v. Not suitable for measuring high power thyristor due to the use of battery-powered. Zener value should be subject to the measured, can not only look at the nominal value. Boot the default directory is search directory. An ordinary optocoupler optocoupler test up to a dozen parameters, a simple measurement optocoupler logic relationship has not much practical significance, the machine can test the secondary optocoupler saturation voltage, for reference. Test the ordinary 4 feet optocoupler.

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