Tiger touch V9.1 V10.1 V11 light controller dmx 512 console with flycase

Tiger touch V9.1 V10.1 V11 light controller dmx 512 console with flycase


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Introduction:Titan dongle Tiger touch V11 light controller dmx 512 console Tiger touch dmx control

The Powerful Expert 9.1 system , 15.4 inch touch screen . double engine,, Intel 64GSSD,4G(DDR3) notebook memory. ,8×DMX 512 output ,Marco Button can edit anyone chase.Also expend a touch screen. 10 program paged playback faders & 10 program non- paged playback faders. 10 Marco Button can edit anyone chase

8DMX 512 output,4096DMX channels,Also can make 12 DMX output for you


tiger touch Titan V11 Powerful Titan v11. 10.1-10.0-9.1 three-machine operating system Randomly switch Core i5CPU, Kingston 120GB high-speed SSD, Kingston 4GB memory; Built-in 1 15.6 inch high resolution touch screen (industrial screen), Support networking to computer equipment to control various lighting 3D visualization software; Built-in UPS power supply, without access to 220V AC power supply can operate normally for 1 hour Built-in WYS (R36) lighting software Support Chinese menu display, built-in multi-language The console comes with 8 DMX outputs and supports expansion to 64 DMXs. Support graffiti-type screen identification function, support Art-Net network function, 10 Macro function buttons that allow you to operate the console faster; 20 playback faders, supporting more than 1000 program playbacks; Powerful property control window, CMY\\RGB picking board system; Fast and easy-to-use graphics generators, with built-in graphics that are easier to use; Support CIPT protocol, you can directly see the image thumbnail of the media clip in the media server on the console; Support Wi-Fi access, wireless control lights, mobile devices (iPhone, iPad Touch) remote control lamps; Thousands of built-in lighthouses, built-in light library editing software, you can make lighthouses on the console at any time; Built-in visualiser line light visualization software, want to pre-program! Support MIDI time code sound and light synchronization function, you can also play the music in the console to send the time code to control the light program playback. Size 50*27.5*75 Weight: 26Kg

3.Tiger touch v9.1 lighting console with 8 DMX512 output,I5cpu, Intel 64GSSD,4G(DDR3) notebook memory.

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