Outdoor Wireless Solar Dual Infrared PIR Sensor with 16 Voices Alert and Remote Controller for Sound Light Alarming Waterproof

Outdoor Wireless Solar Dual Infrared PIR Sensor with 16 Voices Alert and Remote Controller for Sound Light Alarming Waterproof


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Brief Introduction:

This is a remarkable digital outdoor solar-power PIR alertor with sound and light indication, which can avoid external interference from sunshine, humidity, dust, insects and wind also. This detector adopts very advanced technology as below: direct analysis technology to intrusion PIR signal from digital high-speed micro-processor; dual-polarities detection, direct adjustment to digital signal sensitivity; filtering technology to mixed rays from multi PIR channels etc. In a word, it is stable in operation and advanced in function, combined with its IP-65 water proof design, it is suitable for operation in those areas needs sound and light remind such as forest, high-tension pole, park, warehouse and docks etc. Product Feature:

1, the four passive infrared detection technology
2, multi-level signal processing software using artificial intelligence technology, comprehensive analysis and processing all kinds of false positives
3, voice remind function, can be customized different warning voice
4, professional waterproof design, application and outdoor completely any occasion
5, double filter system, strong light interference
6, pet prevention technique of digital analysis
7, solar charging technology
8, high brightness flash, more deterrent effect
9, with H/L gain selectable
10, the unique full range of temperature compensation technology
11, strong resistance to interference of electromagnetic radiation

General Introduction On Outdoor Application This detector is remarkable in function, but the following notices can make it Direct or reflective sun light is no good for detector operation, try to avoid them during installation. Our outdoor PIR adopts double-layered screen light sensing system, which is very effective for screening of interfering light.   SUNSHINE High weeds and shrubbery in detection range may wave in wind and cause false alarm, especially for those detectors operating in horizontal fan area, so keep cutting on weeds and shrubbery. WEEDS Sudden rainstorm can cool the hot pitch road or surface of other roads quickly. And all detectors can detect rain in the sky. But detector with down view window can even detect water on ground, which will bring much more interference to detectors outdoor than that mounted on wall, so everything will lower its temperature similar to water. Human body or cars after pouring from rain can offer very little temperature gap for detection, so sensitivity will be lowered a lot. RAIN Insects will trigger false alarm when they climb into detector or stay on lens, while those staying away from detectors can\'t trigger alarm. If there is interference from insects, please re-install detector or use insecticide. And please adopts strictly sealed components on those drilled holes or glass glue around detector. INSECTS Moving car in detection range may trigger false alarm to detector. CAR Lens becomes easily dirty when used outdoor, so please check the lens from time to time in order to avoid alarm miss caused by low sensitivity from dirty lens. DIRT ON LENS Detector will trigger false alarm easily if installation base can be interfered by vibration, this is the reason why some detectors installed near to street can cause false alarm easily.

Technical Parameter

Battery size:3.6VDC AAA lithium chargable battery,

Power consumption: stand by:20uA; alarm:85mA

External DC input: 9-16 VDC >200mA(For indoor operation)

Warm up time: 50s

Installation height:1.8m.-2.4m

Alarm period:2s

Encoding:PT2262/EV1527 etc

Frequency:315/433MHz etc

Alarm LED: High light red/blue led

Audio output:90db at 30cm

RFI / EMI protection:0.1-500MHz/3v/m

Anti-white light interference:>10000LUX

Low batter alarm: below 2.9V

Temperature compensation: Digital

Operating temperature:-30/+50Centigrade

Operation humidity(RH):95%

Sensitivity:2P Optional

Detection speed:0.2m/s to 3.5m/s

Radio emission: >=200m ( Open space)


Anti fire: Flame-resistant ABS material

Detection range:12m*12m 110°(Standard Lens) 12m*12m 110°(Pet Lens)

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