Original FIIL Canviis Pro/DIVA Pro Smart Wireless Bluetooth Headphone MaxWide 3D Sound Headphones Smart Noise Canceling Headset

Original FIIL Canviis Pro/DIVA Pro Smart Wireless Bluetooth Headphone MaxWide 3D Sound Headphones Smart Noise Canceling Headset


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FIIL DIVA Pro Smart Wireless Bluetooth Lossless Music Headphone MaxWide 3D Sound Headphones MAF Smart Noise Canceling Headset >>>>Main Features<<<< Intelligent voice interaction "Hello FIIL""Hello""I want to listen to a song about rain" You can believe in FIIL,it can understand what do you want.

Buil-in HD lossless audio player At this moment, let’s go cellphone-free. 1000 songs available for you Hi-Fi, built-in professional Hi-Fi player that can compete with professional audio players 4GB, built-in 4GB memory X12, support 12 kinds of music formats including FLAC/APE/WAV, etc

ANC - Active noise cancellation At this moment, communicate with the singer quietly

Subway noise, roaring jets, incessant clamoring, resist noise by increasing the volume?

Stop it. It could only bring about irreversible damage to your hearing.

DIVA pro smart noise reduction is able to offset as much as 96% low-frequency noise.

Feed-forward+feedback hybrid ANC active noise cancellation

Built-in four high-sensitivity microphones

AMS chip and multi-stage filtering networks

Play/Pause - Motion sensor technology At this moment, let the music wait for you. Put on your headphone, the music will continue where it paused. And the noise reduction mode will resume. Take off your headphone, the music will pause automatically And the noise cancellation feature disables, power-saving mode activates. Never miss any part of the music, never miss any period of life 1. Take off your headphone, the music will pause automatically. And the noise cancellation feature disables, power-saving mode activates. 2. Put on your headphone, the music will continue where it paused. And the noise reduction mode will resume. MaxWide Theater-level 3D sound effect. Revolutionary MaxWide theater-level 3D sound effect Restore a real 3D sound field Enjoy a mobile audio-visual feast Eilex MaxWide Theater-level 3D sound effect takes advantage of a professional VIR Filter solution to reconstruct the sound field, sound image and delay information, and to restore the sense of space. You would feel like in a theater anytime and anywhere

Touch control At this moment, empower your fingers Don’t even think about skipping a song with your hands full cause you need to find the phone first. Diva Pro’s innovative touch control is powered by a built-in touch sensor in the right earmuff Simply spare one finger of yours and move it across FIIL You can tune in and skip a track. Enable the dawdler mode via “Black Tech” CD-level Lossless Bluetooth transmission At this moment, the Jukebox is with you. Bluetooth equals bad sound quality? DIVA Pro doesn’t think so! 4.1: Bluetooth 4.1 transmission ApT-X: ApT-X coding technology – The transmission loss can be reduced to the extent where human ears can’t distinguish. 100m: The transmission distance can reach 100 meters Bluetooth x 2: Support a connection of two Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Mobile phones or computers are both compatible with it. Real Music - Astounding details and authenticity At this moment, you will be shocked by authenticity Reject unnecessary low-frequency rendering and non-existing beats. Only present the original sound to every tiny detail. This is FIIL’s view of sound. 32Ω: Impedance 32Ω 32mm: 32mm dynamic unit Ti: Titanium-coated composite vibrating diaphragm TDDC: TDDC bass booster + double damping Patented double - rear – chamber acoustics system

32hrs - 32 continous hours Local/Bluetooth playback At this moment, have a melodious journey DIVA pro’s play time is 2 times of the industry average 32hrs: Continuous 32 hours’ playback 48days: 48-day-long standby 10min = 3.6hrs 3.6 hours playtime on a 10 minute charge Continuity: In wired mode, the headphone remains available when the battery runs out, c ontinue playing in the wired mode OTA upgrade The FIIL + app supports over-the-air Firmware upgrade so that our customers get the best experiences. Exclusive music butler fiil + APP DIVA Pro local music management 3D sound effect: Restoring sound effects of a sitting room, a cinema, a theater, etc. Balance control: Switching among outstanding bass, triple-frequency equilibrium and outstanding high pitch as you like. One-key tempering: smart management of the tempering process

Ergonomics - Comfortability that created just for you Behind a genuine product, is a sincere team sparing no effort to bring their ideas to life. Completed modeling based on the skull-shape database of ten thousands of people invited thousands of people Invited thousands of people to test their wearing experience Optimized the curves of headband for hundreds of times The most subtle clamping force of 4N Included angle between the left and right earmuffs: 48 degree silk protein leather to make the earmuff breathable and skin friendly

FIIL acoustics lab Anechoic chamber Isolate the interference of the outside noise during the test Eliminate the impact of the indoor sound reflection during the test Head and torso simulator (HATS) Simulate the sound that a real person hears when wearing a headphone B&K test equipment World-famous noise and vibration measuring equipment

Make your headphones smarter, do not miss it. Please Scan QR Code to Download FIIL App. >>>>Feedback&Buyers Show <<<<

>>>>Award and Evaluation<<<< Red Dot award FIIL Diva.The fiil Bluetooth headphones are characterised by a clear design, allowing the wearer to focus on the music exclusively. The use of high-grade materials like anodised aluminium for the essential components contributes to sound optimisation and underscores the technical quality of the headphones. The innovative folding mechanism allows for a smooth transition between headband and earcups so that the clean overall appearance is not impaired. Source: Red Dot I F Design Product award The FIIL Diva Pro is a smart wireless headphone with immersive 3D audio, 4 GB music storage, voice search and patented My AudioFilter (MAF) smart noise-adjusting technology. It is the first headphone with adjustable noise-cancelling. Embedded smart motion sensors enable intuitive gesture and touch control. Every unnecessary detail has been eliminated in the development process to reach the unique and minimalistic design. Advanced metal injection technology is applied on hinges and sliders to achieve outstanding durability and premium look. The Ceramic edition takes FIIL’s leadership in materials innovation to a new level. Source: iF DESIGN It is very exercise from inside to outside FIIL Carat depth evaluation FIIL Carat follows at least three points in the design: fine workmanship,comfortable wear and good recognition,and FIIL Carat also called quite beautiful from the public aesthetic . Think of the previous products of fiil company,FIIL Carat is better in the industrial design and product experience,but it would make perfect design if change the lid of the charging mouth into interconnection system. Source: GFAN.COM Small and better than the previous generation! FIIL Diva Bluetooth smartphone evaluation I feel Diva is one of recommend products of thousand Bluetooth headset.First, the appearance of Diva is fashion,in fact,hand texture is quite rich,it worth the price. Second,in the thousand product,taking into account the sound quality,noise reduction,wearing three major aspects,coupled with such as intelligent suspension and other functions, Diva has done enough at this price. Source: Pconline.com.cn >>>>Buyers Note<<<< Maintenance We provide 12 months free maintenance. The buyer should return the product in the original conditions to us. If any part is required to be replaced, the buyer should also pay for the costs of the parts to be replaced. Before returning the items, please confirm the return address and the logistics method with us. After you give the items to the logistic company, please send us the tracking number. As soon as we receive the items, we will repair or exchange them ASAP. Declare Value If you have any special demand regarding custom declaration, pls leave a message to us in your order, we will declare as your request. Feedback If you are not satisfied with our products or service, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to solve your problem! Please do not leave a negative feedback without any communication. Thanks for your understanding in advance! If you have any problems,please feel free to contact us. >>>>Welcome to FIIL Brand Community<<<< Brand Introduction: FIIL headset brand was founded and operated by Feng Fan (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., and Wang Feng, a famous Chinese singer, has personally participated in the product. FIIL was born in an era of fierce technological change, is a courage to innovate, dare to subvert the brand, it is the feelings of musicians in the field of intelligent audio equipment to actively explore and focus on the mass musicians to optimize the auditory experience. Brand Concept: With a harsh product technology detailing every detail of the music, so that the public musicians have a professional and equal music starting point. Providing a new intelligent listening experience for the public musicians. You have to ensure that before you get a Original FIIL Canviis Pro/DIVA Pro Smart Wireless Bluetooth Headphone MaxWide 3D Sound Headphones Smart Noise Canceling Headset you have previously seen and browse the description of the products first. In this manner you may be sure that you are getting the proper product that will work for you. Since this Original FIIL Canviis Pro/DIVA Pro Smart Wireless Bluetooth Headphone MaxWide 3D Sound Headphones Smart Noise Canceling Headset has top quality it is among the best sellers on the market now and many people are recommending this product to their friends and family. These days this product is really affordable for almost everyone and it’s an excellent buy your money can buy. You don’t need cheaper products if it'll only sabotage your projects and will not give you the kind of quality that you need in the merchandise. With the bigger price you can be sure that your money is worth spending in this item.