Non contact liquid level sensor Pipe container Object sensor NPN PNP Level output

Non contact liquid level sensor Pipe container Object sensor NPN PNP Level output


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Tip: connect relay, buzzer, horn, indicator light, recommend using MC-NPN output model, with voltage protection function. Plsease leave message for the Type.

NPN Output: Sensing liquid output negative , Contrary no output.
PNP Output: Sensing liquid output positive,Contrary no output
MC NPN: Sensing liquid output negative, Contrary no output (voltage protection function)
The Level Output: Sensing liquid output high level, Contrary output low level

>The DJL-Y26-V sensor is suitable for the outer walls of non-metal pipes without the direct contact with the liquid, and is not affected by corrosive liquids such as strong acid, alkali, etc., and is not affected by scale or other impurities.
>intelligent level adjustment and liquid level memory function, liquid level status display mode, multi point series connection can be realized.
>test is accurate and stable, and the boiling water level can be detected.
>pure electronic circuit structure, non mechanical working method, stable performance, long life.
>high stability, high sensitivity, strong interference ability, free from external electromagnetic interference, special treatment for power frequency interference and common mode interference, so as to be compatible with all 5~24V power adapters in the market.
>strong compatibility, through a variety of non vessel materials such as plastic, metal, glass, ceramic containers, induction pipe wall thickness is 20mm; the liquid level detection container or pipeline suitable for all kinds of surfaces, curved, cylindrical.
>wide voltage range (5~24V), suitable for connecting various circuits and product applications.


Input voltage(Vin):DC 5~24V


Output voltage:(High Level):Vin

Output voltage:(low level):0V

Output current:1~100mA
response time:500mS

Working environment temperature:0~85C

Induction sensitivity

The outer diameter of pipe D(MM) thickness















Applicable to the diameter range of the pipe:More than 10mm
Liquid level error:+-1.5mm
Texture of material:ABS
Waterproof performance:IP65
application conditions
(I) viscosity of liquid medium to be measured;
Normal measurement of dynamic viscosity <10mPaS. 10mPaS< dynamic viscosity <30mPaS may affect detection. Dynamic viscosity >30mPaS, because a large number of liquid attached to the vessel wall, can not be measured.
Note: as the temperature increases, the viscosity decreases. Most of the highly viscous liquids are more affected by the temperature. Therefore, when measuring the viscosity of the liquid, pay attention to the influence of the liquid temperature.

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