new SharpStar CF80APO REFRACTOR 80MM 480MM F6

new  SharpStar CF80APO REFRACTOR 80MM  480MM  F6


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80MM Focal length: 480MM (f/6) Objective type: Three piece full separation composite achromatic Net weight: 2.80 kilograms Resolving power: 1.45 second Visual limit magnitude: Twelve Outer diameter of lens barrel: 90MM Total length of main barrel: 450MM (hood extended) /395MM (when the lens hood is indented) The new raysing refracting telescope has the following characteristics: Raysing CF-80II ED apochromatic refracting telescope lens cone is three piece full separation design, which contains 1 FPL-53ED lenses and the surface of the multilayer coating. Raysing CF-80II ED due to the use of appropriate coke provides very good observation and system shooting both. The unique three piece design adds the special ED lens, which makes the color difference control excellent, the star point is sharp, and the imaging is more distinct.The picture below is "M13" taken by Zhejiang fans using this machine Sharp star CF-80II ED in providing excellent optical system at the same time, also provide a deep impression focusing system, sharp star CF-80II ED has a double speed 2.5 inch toothed focuser, focusing the proportion is 1:10, as compared to the market many mirrors are used without teeth focuser, with teeth focusing load more and more fast, so you use heavy observation shooting attachments, no longer focusing device is slipping, out of focus and trouble. In addition, the 360 degree rotating device allows you to easily rotate the shooting angle, and shoot your satisfied works. The 2 inch and 1.25 inch international standard interface used by the focusing device, using brass ring, will not scratch your accessories. More importantly, the 2.5 inch focus tube is more robust and more stable than most of the 2 inch focusing cylinders sold in the market. It also provides a good support for the upgrade of large aperture flat field reduction mirror and other heavy accessories. If Ruixing CF-80II ED is a ED lens and two APO system, the price is reasonable with respect to it, but the raysing CF-80II ED provides three chip EDAPO system and using the super fast focal ratio FPL-53 ED glass, 2.5 inch medium double speed gear focusing device, the high cost of self-evident. You have to ensure that before you get a new SharpStar CF80APO REFRACTOR 80MM 480MM F6 you have previously seen and browse the description of the merchandise first. In this manner you could be sure that you're getting the proper product that may suit your needs. Since this new SharpStar CF80APO REFRACTOR 80MM 480MM F6 has top quality it is one of the better sellers in the market now and several people are recommending this product to their friends and family. These days the product is actually affordable for almost everyone and it’s a very good buy for the money. You don’t need cheaper products if it will only sabotage your work and can not provide you with the sort of quality that you need in the product. With the bigger price you can be sure that your cash is worth spending in this item.