Length 100MM Double Floating Ball Stainless Steel Level Automatic Control Switch Sensor

Length 100MM Double Floating Ball Stainless Steel Level Automatic Control Switch  Sensor


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Working principle:
the liquid level sensor is composed of magnetic reed switch and float are important, the floating ball in magnetic materials, in an airtight of magnetic metal or plastic tube set one or more of the magnetic reed switch, then put the catheter through one or more of the floating ball with a magnetic material, and using fixed 2-ring control floating ball and magnetic reed switch is in the related position, float up or down as liquid, use the ball in near the reed beginning contact, open and close action, liquid level control and instructions (when the float is close to the magnetic reed switch conduction; switch) when they leave.

Product parameters

Product Name

Stainless float ball switch



Max Contact Rating

Max Switch Voltage 220VAC/200VDC
Max Switch Current 0.5A

Max Contact Resistance

100m ohm
Temperature Rating -10 - +85C

Float Ball Material

Stainless Steel

Float Body Material

Stainless Steel
Screw Thread Diameter 9.5mm/0.27"
Color Silver Tone

Double ball float switch can be used in Water tank, tank, water tank, the fish tank And other liquid level control drainage or inlet Or liquid level.Up and down alarm switch.The inside of the contact is used Imports of dry reed pipe of sensitivity is very high.

The range of motion of the 2 float of the double float switch is 10 mm ,To control the range must be 2 floating ball combination, in order to have a large stroke to ensure that the pump will not be started frequently, normal inletIs the following float switch to do start, above the float switch to do the work.drainage Is above the floating ball switch to start, the following floating ball switch to stop working, how to adjust and wiring below the picture.
The customer often ask questions
1: float point can not move?
Answer: Can not,Float point is fixed, has spring up and down limit. Circlip mobile also was not used, the dry reed pipe inside contact you can\'t move.
2: float switch can directly control the pump or solenoid valve, alarm it?
Answer: Can not,Because the floating ball switch inside the dry reed contact current small, large control load will burn. Electromagnetic valve control alarm to small relay to control the pump to add miniature relay

and AC contactor (according to the power of the pump with the corresponding AC contactor) .

3: float switch control range is how much?

A:Our web page is below the size and scope of control, if the size of the following you can not fit the requirements of non - standard, the number is not limited to do so much.

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