Huepar 12 Lines 3D Cross Line Laser Level Green Laser Beam Self-Leveling 360 Vertical & Horizontal with Glasses & Laser Receiver

Huepar 12 Lines 3D Cross Line Laser Level Green Laser Beam Self-Leveling 360 Vertical & Horizontal with Glasses & Laser Receiver


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Huepar 12 Lines 3D Cross Line Laser Level Green Laser Beam Self-Leveling 360 Vertical & Horizontal with Glasses & Laser Receiver


903CG Laser Level:

Laser Beam Color: Green

Type: 12 Lines

Laser Class: Class 2 (IEC/EN60825-1/2014), output power <1mW

Laser Wavelength: 510 nm

Leveling Accuracy: ±3mm/10m

Leveling/Compensation Range: 4°±1°

Working Distance (Line): 45m, up to 60m with laser reveiver

Operating Time: 4 hours with all laser beams on

Spread Coverage: H360°/ V360° / V360° (3*360°)

Power Source: Li-lon battery

IP Rating: IP54, waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, reliable and tough.

Operation Temperature Range: 14℉- 122℉(-10℃-+50℃)

Storage Temperature Range: -4℉- 158℉(-20℃-+70℃

Size: 8.9*6.5*9.1cm (3.5”x3.58”x2.56”)


Avoid direct exposure of the laser beam to the eyes.

The laser would be affected by strong sun light when work outside

GL01G Laser Glasses:

Name: Huepar Adjustable Green Laser Glasses

Level: Safety Color: Green Weight: 120g

Apply For: Green Beam Cross Line/Rotary Lasers

Functions: Laser Enhancement / Eye Protective Goggle Glasses

Suitable For: Paint & Decorating / Electrical / Plumbing / Metalworking / Tiling.

Glasses Size: 15x15.2x5.3cm

Package Size: 8x17.5x6.5cm

Please note:

The laser glasses will provide enhancement of the laser beam in bright-light conditions but are not designed for protection against the laser beam. It is advisable to avoid direct eye exposure to the laser beam.

LR510 Laser Receiver:

● PWM: 5:5

● Frequency: 10KHz

(Matched PWM and frequency, Only suitable for Line lasers )

● Display: Dual LCD Display

● Leveling Accuracy (High): ≤2mm

● Leveling Accuracy (Low): ≤3mm

● Laser Reception Window Width: 13mm

● Laser Window Height: The reception window is 52mm high and the display window is 47mm high

● Working Distance: 40m~50m (typical) depend on light source

● Bubble Vial Accuracy: 30′/2mm

● Operating Time: 20 hours

● Auto Power Off (with No Signal Detected): 10min

● Power Source: 2*AA Batteries (Alkaline)

● Operating Temperature Range: -10℃ to + 50℃

● Storage Temperature Range: -25℃ to + 70℃

● Dimension (LxWxH): 14cm×6.7cm×2.6cm

● Weight: 360g

Notes: The receiver is only suitable for your our laser level, if you want, please send the message to us to confirm if this is suitable for your laser level.

Items in the Package:

1 X Huepar 903CG laser level

1 X Lithium battery

1 X Battery charger

1 X Magnetic pivoting Base
1 X Green Laser target
1 X Cloth case
1 X English User\'s Manual

1 X Huepar LR510 Digital Laser Detector( No including battery )

1 X Heavy-duty clamp

1 x Huepar Green Laser Glasses

1 x Hard Protective Case

903CG Laser Level:

Japan Sharp Green Laser Technology Adopt Sharp\'s laser unit, wihch is the best green laser unit in the word at present from Japan. Green laser is 2 times brighter than red laser with the same light source. still accurate and clear under the sun, available for outdoor using.

Two modes of use, with lock design, reduce losses and lock the movement.

➤Self-leveling mode:

Unlock the pendulum, self-leveling mode is enabled. The laser beam will blink continuously at 2Hz when the tool is beyond self-leveling range (4°±1°).

➤Manual mode:

Lock the pendulum, you can (use tripod or other bracket )place the laser tool at various angles to project non-level straight laser lines. Slashes can be projected.The laser beam will blink every 3-5 seconds to remind you that it\'s not self-leveling now.

Three kinds of circuit switching functions:

➤ Each time the power button is pressed once, the laser tool projects 360° horizontal lines, 360° vertical lines, and 360° vertical lines in sequence.

➤ 360° cover horizontal line and 360° vertical line and 360° vertical line (H360°/V360° /V360°)

Pulse Mode:

➤ Unlock the pendulum, press and hold the power button (for about 5 seconds) to turn on the pulse mode, then turn it on red.

➤ When outdoor work is required (the receiver needs to be purchased separately, the laser receiver LR510 can receive pulses.

➤ The receiver frequency is 10khz and the Huepar brand is the best pairing.

Various kinds of fixing method:

➤ Strong Magnetic L mount with triop thread can attaches the laser to any steels easily, turning around 180-degree as you like.

➤ It can also accepts a standard tripod screw to do height adjustment.

How to power ON:Short press the power key or slide locking switch to turn the laser tool ON.

How to switch the line :After power on, short press the power switch once a time,the laser tool will project horizontal line,vertical line and cross line in turn.

How to turn the pulse mode ON:After power on,long press the the power key,when the blue light is on,the pulse mode is on.

How to power OFF:Lock the pendulum before short pressing the power button to turn the laser tool OFF.


✿ The button introduction:

The laser level has three laser windows, each window can launch 4 laser lines, totally 12 laser lines(4 laser lines combine to a plane). Attention: There are at least 4 laser lines, it can not keep 1 or 2 laser lines.

✿ Product Highlights:

The 903CG laser is a cross line laser level. This unit is self-leveling with accuracy range of within ± 4 °. The working range of this laser is up to 45m, depending on the work area’s illumination.

✿ Design:

The 3D 903CG laser level is a compact, practical option for basic cross line leveling work. Measuring at 1/4 ", the laser can fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. It has a hard plastic housing to protect the laser beams and pendulum leveling system within. The housing has a ribbed rubber casing that protects it from scratches while giving extra friction to make it slip resistant.

✿ Mounting Option:

The 3D 903G laser level has 2 mounting nut with a 1/4 " thread and a 5/8" thread at the bottom of the unit. This allows you to mount it either to a bracket or a tripod for security. The unit can be placed on a regular surface, but securing it usually guarantees less movement for more accurate work. A magnetic base is included in the package.

✿ Leveling Function:

Once the pendulum is in unlocked condition, the instrument will be self-leveling within 4 degrees, when the unit is using out of the leveling range, laser lines and main indicator will keep flashing.

✿ Pendulum Lock:

The 12 lines Green beam laser level is a precision instrument and should be treated with care. When not in use, the pendulum should always be in the Off position (OFF mode). Locking the pendulum allows the Cross Line Laser to better withstand vibration and Trauma incurred during transportation or if the units is dropped.

✿ The difference between the green laser and the red laser: endulum Lock:

They are from the same factory, the function is same.

The green laser\'s visibility is four times of the red laser, it\'s material costing is higher than red laser, it sales more expensive than red laser.

GL01G Laser Glasses:


  • Green lens - Help you easy to see green laser lines or a green laser dots when working over long distances up to 25m and in unfavourable bright-light conditions.
  • Adjustable frame - The length of arms is adjustable for 4 modes,(3.6 - 4.5 inch/9 - 11.4cm). Side and nose pieces adjust to give you a perfect fit without the slipping, according to your head size choose the length, comfortable wear.
  • Durable construction - The soft plastic is ultra-lightweight, only 0.6 oz/18 grams, no pressure for long time wear and ensures maximum comfort. Large enough to wear over regular eyeglasses.
  • Improve performance - Huepar GL01G is designed to be used with the Levelsure and Huepar series of products but can be used to enhance the visibility of any green beam on the market. Ideal for make out the line with a target plate.
  • Eyeglass chain - Spectacle head safety strap cord holder keeps your glasses secure around your neck, allowing it to be hung on your chest, or rest on top of your head.

Warranty Description:

30-day money back, 1-year free service contract, 2-year limited warranty.

LR510 Laser Receiver:


Please note NOT compatible with Rotary Laser Level.
Please be aware that this item is compatible with pulse induction laser levels only.
It is recommended you to confirm with us whether this laser detector will work for you.
Laser Class: Class 2 (IEC/EN60825-1/2014) <1mW power output


  • Huepar LR510 can ONLY compatible with Huepar Line Laser Level. Please note can NOT use for Rotary Laser Level. Recommended for use in accompanied with Huepar 901CG/ 902CG/ BOX-1G Laser Level.
  • LR510 receiver allows detection of green pulse laser beams in difficult light conditions, distances up to 200ft (60m). Beep sounds will remind you when you find the target. Adjust the height till the laser line is level and the arrow disappear on the LCD display.
  • Large reception window of 2 inches and optical and acoustic signals help to locate the laser plane quickly and accurately. LCD backlight provides a clear look even in low light conditions.
  • Two accuracy settings allow for more precise leveling and three volume settings allow for use indoors or outdoors. It is good for plumbers, contractors, carpenters, masons, home renovators, construction workers, electricians, DIY lovers and others who needs reliable detection.
  • Dual LCD displays for easy visual readout on both sides of receiver. Backlight feature for working in dark areas. The attached heavy-duty clamp makes it easy to mount the detector to a rod or other target point. Customer can enjoy 12 months long warranty. Become a member through the product registration (offered on the package box).

➤Humanized Function

It boasts a dual-sided LCD display, backlight and battery status.

Can toggle through the volume and accuracy. While the accuracy mode allows you to switch between HIGH and LOW.

➤Using Tips

● Put the laser level in Pulse (Outdoor) Mode
● Made sure the laser level and the Receiver windows were clean
● Recheck the batteries in both devices (Laser level & Huepar Laser Receiver)
● Made sure your laser level could used in accompanied with Huepar Receiver
● Recommended for using with Huepar BOX-1G Laser Level

➤Built-in Bubble and Holder

LR510 Laser Detector comes complete with a compatible rod mounting bracket.
A built-in bubble level provides an extra measure of leveling accuracy.

➤LCD Icons

Move the Detector as the Direction Shown:
● Datum Lower than Laser Beam – Move Up
● Datum Higher than Laser Beam – Move Down
● When Datum in Line with Laser Beam – The Direction becomes a Line

➤Buzzer Remind

A beeping tone signals that the laser beam has been detected:
● A slower beeping tone signals – Move Up
● A fast beeping tone signals – Move Down
● Can toggle through the volume, or turn on Mute.


  • Huepar ships to worldwide.
  • Processing time for Huepar is 3-5 days.
  • Orders are shipped by Aliexpress Standard Shipping method, if you need other shipping way, please just contact us.
  • Normally 15-60 days can get the order, except Brazil which needs 90-100 days. Delivery time may be a little different depends on destination and other factors, particularly during the holiday season.
  • Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges.
  • We accept dropship orders and wholesale orders. Welcome to choose us!


  • We accept Alipay, Webmoney, VISA, Bank Transfer, QIWI Wallet, Boleto, Western Union and so on.
  • All major credit cards are accepted through secure payment processor ESCROW.

  • All Huepar Laser Level enjoy 12 months warranty, but can upgrade to 2-year warranty if customer registered the product account by scaning the QR Code on the package.
  • If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it back to us wihtin 15 days for replacement or refund. But you have to pay for the return postage. Please contact us before you return.

  • If you are satisfied with our products and services, your 5-star praise and positive feedback is our greatest encouragement, which will also be helpful for other customers.
  • If you are not satisfied ith our products or services, please do not hesitate to contact us first, we will do our best to solve the problem and work harder to give you more excellent service.

  • Q: Can laser level be used outdoors?

A: 901CG, 902CG, Box-1G are recommended to use outdoors. Usually they are in company with laser receiver when using outdoors.

9011G and 9211G are not recommended for outdoor use. In addition, outdoor work will also be affected by the working environment and sunlight.

  • Q: What influence adsorption strength of the adapter?

A: The adsorption force of the adapter is affected by the material, area and surface cleanliness of the adsorption surface.

  • Q: 901CG, 902CG, Box-1G, how to open the pulse mode?

A: After power on, long press the power key, the pulse mode is on when the blue light is on.

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