HUANAN ZHI X79 gaming PC motherboard bundle 240G NVME SSD GTX1050Ti 4G CPU Xeon E5 2680 V2 SR1A6 cooler RAM 4*8G DDR3 1600 RECC

HUANAN ZHI X79 gaming PC motherboard bundle 240G NVME SSD GTX1050Ti 4G CPU Xeon E5 2680 V2 SR1A6 cooler RAM 4*8G DDR3 1600 RECC


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Statement from HUANAN company:

1: Our motherboard English trademark HUANAN has been upgraded to HUANAN ZHI, which is the new English logo we now are using on all our motherboards and boxes. The Chinese trademark stays unchanged as you can see on the box. Both HUANAN and HUANAN ZHI belong to HUANAN group. 2: Due to different production batch, this deluxe X79 motherboard might probably have slightly different design, such as different memory slots color or SATA ports position or motherboard version etc. Our aim is to gradually make it more powerful.

WUSON store will not make any further notice.

HUANAN ZHI is chinese phonetic spelling, brand in Chinese is:

What in the package?

motherboard with M.2 slot+Xeon E5 2680 V2 CPU+4*8G 1600 DDR3 RECC+CPU cooler+cooler adapter+SATA cable+metal back shield+driver disc+user manual+GTX1050Ti 4G DDR5 video card+240G PCI-E NVME SSD 2280

WUSON store will pack the cooler and the video card in other packages because the total weight of all of them is over the upper limit of courier.

Pls kindly shoot a video if you find that the package was opened before you get it. There are seals on the package openings, the seals are just pasted to protect the package from being opened by someone else.

All products are tested before shipping?

Yes, WUSON store has 3 technical teams for testing every working days, so we can 1000000% guarantee that all our products are working good before being sent out from our warehouse.

How are the products packed, will they be intactly delivered?

Fristly, WUSON store places CPU in motherboard socket, wraps memory bars with bubbles and places them in motherboard original box; Secondly, WUSON store wraps motherboard with much bubbles and places it in the original box; Thirdly, WUSON store wraps the motherboard original box with bubbles, then puts it in a cardboard box. So we are confident to say, normally all our products can be intactly delivered.

Will all parcels be surely delivered within the time given by Aliexpress?

Surely not. The most intangible thing is transportation, the majority of parcels can be delivered within the required time, but nobody can guarantee that all parcels can be delivered with the time, sometimes some parcels are delayed with specified reasons such as bad weather/holiday/post office staffs strike/custom clearance delay etc. Sometimes there is no any reason. Pls refer to the "delivery time announcement" below. So pls think about it before you make order, as long as you make order, that means you understand everything above.

What buyers must do if the motherboard does not work on their hands?

As we state above, all WUSON store products are 100% good tested before shipping, however, according to our past experience, there were always some buyers getting "non-working" motherboard, after the analysis of our many experiments, the conclusion is:

1: Buyers had operation mistake; 2: Improper contact of hardwares such as CPU or memory; 3: Invisible damage caused in transit

No matter what the reason is, pls contact WUSON store for valid warranty service rather than repair it locally at high cost, otherwise WUSON store would be forced to decline your compensation request.

Which operating system should I install for the SSD?

As the M.2 NVME SSD only works in WIN10 system, so you must install WIN10 only.



Model: Deluxe X79

Condition: Full new

CPU socket: LGA 2011

Structure: ATX

VGA socket: 3*PCI-E X 16

Power port: 24+8pin

CPU supported: Intel series with LGA 2011 socket

(Xeon E5 2620/2630/2640/2650/2660/2665/2670/2680/2690/1650/1660 C2/V1/V2 etc.,)

Memory socket: 4*DDR3 2RX4 non ecc/reg ecc

Max memory capacity: 4*16G DDR3 1066/1333/1600MHz

Soud track: 7.1(ALC892 chip)

Special function: PCI-E X4 to 2280 M.2 PCI-E NVME SSD

Integrated video card: No

Crossfire: Yes


Interfaces: 1*RJ45/4*SATA2.0/2*SATA3.0/2*PS/2/4*USB2.0 rear/4*USB3.0 rear/7.1 track audio port/M.2 NVME port

Motherboard dimension: 282*220mm

Motherboard weight(including package): 1.65kg or so


1: The CR2032 battery in motherboard photos will be removed before shipping, as battery is forbidden at CN post and custom

2: Some motherboards may have little scratches or thermal paste or finger print on the metal bracket or other metal parts, this is normal, they could be caused in assembly at workshop or during testing. It does not mean they are refurbished, all WUSON store motherboards are full new as we stated.

3: On the basis of not bringing function changes to the motherboard, the factory would probably improve the motherboard external design, which would probably lead to some appearance difference between batches, please refer to the real-life object.

4: If you use i7 series processors, pls do not use REG ECC simultaneously, since they are incompatible with each other.

5: The temperature of the CPU and system that is displayed in AIDA64 and BIOS may be wrong, and its also invariable, that is not a function problem, its just a parameter error.

6: The manufacturer of HUANAN integrates self-testing tool with backlight in the motherboard, so as you can see in the video, there is backlight when the motherboard is working.


Type: Intel Xeon E5 2680 V2 SR1A6(10 cores/20 threads)

Main frequency: 2.8GHz

Socket type: LGA 2011

3rd level cache: 25MB

Technology: 22nm


1: CPU not entirely new, condition good, 1 year warranty

2: There may have some little physical scratches on the surface of the CPU, this is pretty normal

3: All CPU are strictly tested by WUSON store QC teams


Brand: Samsung/Crucial/Hynix/others(ship at random)

Type: REG ECC(server memory)

Frequency: DDR3 1600

Capacity: 32G(8G*4)


1: memory not full new, condition good, good tested before shipping, 1 year warranty

2: memory with heatsink and without heatsink, we ship at random

3: pls wipe the memory golden finger with eraser before using

M.2 SSD:

Condition: New

Capacity: 240G/223G

Format: PCI-E NVME

Size: 80*22*1.5mm(PCBA)

Size with radiator: 80*25*16.5mm

Interface: M.2

Note: Users must install WIN10 for NVME SSD.


CPU supported: The best support 130Watt CPU

Heatpipes: 6

Dimension: 115mm*98mm*135mm(L*W*H)

Distance from the radiation bottom to the fan bottom: 35mm

Voltage: 12V

Feature: Intelligent temperature control/noise free

Power port: 4 pin

Fan color: Red/Green/Blue(ship at random)

Video card :

Model : GTX1050Ti

Memory : 4G DDR5

Bus width : 128bit

Core clock: 1304MHz

Memory clock: 4*1752MHz

DX: DirectX12


WUSON store is working with several video card manufacturers, so there are several design of this video card, we only put some of them in description, there are still some other styles that are not able to be displayed here due to page limit, all of them dont have any function difference, WUSON store ships them at random.

If you are not able to accept it above, pls do not make order))))), thank you very much!

Delivery time announcement:

Aliexpress askes all sellers to provide a delivery time on all shipping ways, so we, as a seller, provided buyers with an approximate delivery time on each shipping way, in most cases, the majority of parcels can be delivered within the time, however, we hope you know there are always some unpredictable problems for international transportation, the problems include but not limited to these below:

1: Your parcel is returned and we reship you another one, it takes more time;

2: Your parcel is rejected by post office or custom, it takes more time to clarify issues or transship the parcel;

3: Your parcel is detained by custom(CN custom or your country custom), it takes more time to provide files to let them release the parcel;

4: Your parcel is lost in transit and we reship another one, it takes much more time;

5: Your parcel is delayed during Chinese traditional holidays and your country traditional holidays and the international holidays, such as the Chinese traditional Tomb-Sweeping holiday; Dragon Boat holiday; Middle-Autumn holiday; Chinese national day holiday; Spring Festival holiday etc. It takes more time due to these holiday delay;

6: Your parcel is delayed due to some force majeures, which include but not limited to severe weather, natural disasters or airport problems etc. It takes more time.

And so so.............

Of course they dont usually happen, but when these transportation problems happen, the delivery time will be definitely delayed at different levels, so pls try to positively understand it and do not always take "full refund if a parcel is not delivered within the required time" as your reason to file a dispute for full refund.

We value every single buyers, we know time is money in this world, we state it here just in case of these unexpected problems, if you dont agree, pls do not make order, if you make orders, we will think you agree on these terms and conditions above, your understanding would be highly appreciated!!!


Several different designs as below, they are all GTX1050Ti 4G DDR5, here we put some of them on this page for your reference, but its impossible to display all of them here due to page limit. WUSON store will ship all of them at random.

*the video card memory is not always Samsung, probably Hynix/Micron/Others.

You have to ensure that before you purchase a HUANAN ZHI X79 gaming PC motherboard bundle 240G NVME SSD GTX1050Ti 4G CPU Xeon E5 2680 V2 SR1A6 cooler RAM 4*8G DDR3 1600 RECC you have previously seen and read the description of the merchandise first. This way you may be sure that you're getting the proper product which will work for you. Since this HUANAN ZHI X79 gaming PC motherboard bundle 240G NVME SSD GTX1050Ti 4G CPU Xeon E5 2680 V2 SR1A6 cooler RAM 4*8G DDR3 1600 RECC has top quality it is one of the better sellers on the market now and several people are recommending the product to their friends and family. These days this product is actually affordable for almost everyone and it’s a very good buy your money can buy. You don’t need cheaper products if it will only sabotage your work and can not provide you with the sort of quality that you need in the product. With the higher price you could be sure that your cash will probably be worth spending in this product.