Hot Sale CNC Portable Vin Number Marking Machine,High Quality Pneumatic Marker,Controller integrated software and touch screen

Hot Sale CNC Portable Vin Number Marking Machine,High Quality Pneumatic Marker,Controller integrated software and touch screen

Hot Sale CNC Portable Vin Number Marking Machine,High Quality Pneumatic Marker,Controller integrated software and touch screen

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CNC Portable Pneumatic Marking Machine HS-PC series CNC HandHeld Dot Peen Marking Machine: With a touch screen, integrated CNC controller, and new generation software, this all-in-one handheld system can be used without a supporting computer. HS-PC01 with a small marking head with electromagnet, for an accurate and useful engraving tool you can use almost anywhere Our Dot Peen Marking machines are cost-effective and used in a wide-range of stand-alone or heavy manufacturing situations. It is also known as stylus pin marking, as it uses a pneumatically driven stylus pin (marking pin) that impacts the surface to be marked with the help of air pressure. Other names are micro-percussion and dot marking, as engraving is done by a number of dots forming the required shape and style of logos, numbers, characters or graphics to be marked. Handheld Portable pneumatic Marking Machine can mark various kinds of content such as characters,letters,symbols,graphic outline,datamatrix code etc. VIN numbers etc. It allows direct part marking on product surfaces using hard marking pins that handle hardness of up to HRC60.

Excellent Performance

1. Marking automatically with whatever characters,such as Chinese,English,graphic,serial number,VIN code,etc 2. Hard alloy marking pin can last long working time. 3. Smart and portable,easy to carry 4. Numerous option for fonts,supporting edit fonts 5. The machines must be well protected against dampness, moisture, rust and be able to standshock and rough handing 6. frame basement can help you hold on your product easily and stable. 7. Stable quality and can work continuously for whole day 8. The HeatSign marking machine requires no additional consumables, save your cost. 9.Imported guide rail keep high precision marking. 10.CNC controller integrated touch screen,software,no need PC any more.

Portable Metal Marking Machine Specifications

Product Specification

Item number


Product Name

Portable HandHeld Pneumatic Dot Peen Marking Machine

Electromagnet basement

Powerful and durable more than 5 years


Metal machine for printing, marking, engraving – Stylus printer, dot peen header

Marking surface

Big and heavy part flat surface

Additional parts need

Computer & air compressor

Marking area

150mm x 50mm


AC220V±10%~50Hz or AC110V±10%~50Hz

Energy consumption

250W (air compressor excluded)

Controller type

CNC controller integrated touch screen and powerful software

Marking type


Marking machine type


Marking contents

Characters, numbers, symbols, graphs, logo etc.

Size of characters

Adjustable on marking software

Marking depth

0.02-1 mm (adjustable, depending on materials)

Marking speed

30mm~40mm/s according to letter size

Marking materials

Metal or nonmetals with hardness under HRC60


electromagnet basement

Pneumatic pressure

0.3-0.6 Mpa

Repeat precision

0.02-0.04 mm

Dot peen header

Harden HRC60 (Hardness)


1. Core Parts: Imported from Taiwan, Japan, USA...etc.

2. 1 Years Warranty: Main parts, not including consumable part like pin head.

3. 5 Years Durable: electromagnet basement

4. Hard tungsten alloy Marking Pins: One pin Last at least 0.5 year

5. High Precision Linear Slider HIWIN.

6. Military Aviation Cable:

7. Industrial Load Bearing Pole.

8. Industrial Screw Rod.

9. Convenient Control Buttons: Air control, Print.

Application & Materials:

Applicable Material: Availabe for marking all kinds of meta such as Aluminum , iron, copper, stainless steel, rating plate,nameplate coated& plated metals and so on, hard plastic ,wood and son on. Applicable Industry: Widely used in Automobile, bodywork of motorcycle, car frame ,automotive chassis, engine, mechanical part, machine tool, metal pipe, gear, knife tool,pump body, valve, various hardness plastic products, hardware part etc… Heatsign’s HS-PC01 Portable Dot Peen Marking Machine marks a variety of content • Direct Part Marking (DPM) and Engraving on metals like Steel, Copper, Aluminum etc. • VIN numbers and codes (Vehicle Identification Number) • Time & Date • All English Letters and Characters • Lot Numbers, Serial Numbers, Chassis Numbers • Logos, Graphics, Special Symbols

Factory& Package

Compact plywood package,keep delivery safe.

Service& Warranty

After-Sales Service: HeatSign offers exemplary after-sales service following the remote initial training. Our support team is available 24/7 to handle any issues product owners may encounter – technical or otherwise. Every service call is taken care of on an emergent basis. Our customers can get in touch with us through any of the contact options: E-Mail or Call.

After-Sales Training: At HeatSign, after-sales services are considered a priority. Our training team is factory trained and guide you by email,video and remote PC control.This machine is easy to install and operate,we will support you use it perfect.

One Years Free warranty: Whole Machine Supply 1 year warranty.HeatSign warrants all HeatSign-branded products and accessories that come with the original packaging (“HeatSign Product”) against faulty materials and manufacturing defects when used normally in accordance with HeatSign’s guidelines.

Spare Parts:HeatSign not only sets standards in the development of new marking machines, but also in providing optimum service in the event of a repair. We stock genuine spare parts for every model for a minimum of 10 years. If the customer machine need spare to repair ,we will send spare part in the short time.

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