High Gain 2G 3G UMTS GSM Mobile Signal Repeater GSM 2G 900mhz 3G 2100mhz Dual Band Cellular Cell Phone Signal Booster Amplifier

High Gain 2G 3G UMTS GSM Mobile Signal Repeater GSM 2G 900mhz 3G 2100mhz Dual Band Cellular Cell Phone Signal Booster Amplifier


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This Mobile Phone Signal Booster / Repeater Set - 2G(900 mhz) plus 3G (2100 mhz) frequency is compatible with all the Networks/Operators having GSM 900 mhz and 3G (2100 mhz like) frequency networks world wide coutries. It can be used upto the range of 100 - 2000 m2. The kit comes with everything and you don\'t need anything else. It is very easy to install and also comes with full instructions.

Selling Point:

1.GSM900MHZ+2100MHZ dual band repeater ,amplify double signal

2.Dual band,2G+3G SIGNAL EXTEND

3.100-2000sqare meter coverage without barrier

4.65db high gain 20dbm output power

5.Easy to install.

LCD Display !!!

GSM 900MHZ + WCDMA 2100MHz Dual Band Mobile Phone Signal Booster+ Log Periodic Antenna + 10 Meters Cable (Outdoor Antenna)

+ Ceiling Antenna With 3 Meters Cable (Indoor Antenna)

Product Feature

1.High linear design,AGC/MGC function.Little interference to BTS
2.Provide quick coverage solution for signal weak and blind area,no more drop calls.
3.Compact size,low consumption,great cover.
4.Host over about 2000sqm without barrier
5.Suitable for all countries,amplify gsm+wcdma signal where signal is weak or blind.


  • gsm frequency rangeuplink:890-915mhz/downlink:935-960mhz
  • wcdma frequency range uplink:1920-1980mhz/downlink:2110-2180mhz
  • Booster type: GSM & WCDMA dual band signal booster
  • output power:20 dbm
  • Gain:65db
  • Power:-70 ~ -40dBm/FA (1.23MHz)
  • Seclusion:>70dB
  • Power supply:AC:110-220V 50/60Hz ; DC: 12V 2A
  • power comsumption:less than 4W
  • VSWR:less than 1.8
  • Dimensions(D*W*H):200*110*25 (mm)
  • Coverage:100-2000 squaer meter

1.Support Maximum coverage area is 2000 square meters.

( Depend on the area condition)

2.One indoor antenna only use for about 100-200 square meters in open space.(The indoor and outdoor antenna quality depends on the indoor signal coverage area.)

3.If want to make all use of 2000 square meters which the host supports,

need to add more indoor antennas and power divider / splitter.

Pakage including

1x GSM +WCDMA repeater (2G+3G SIGNAL Amplifier)
1x power charger
1x High gain Outdoor LPDA antenna +10m low loss cable
1x Indoor mushroom antenna with 3m low loss cable
1x Instruction manual


1.We send EU adapter, if you need additional adapters, please leave a message.

2.The cable color random distribution, if you request color, please leave a message,thank you!

Installation steps

1 around the use of mobile phones on the top of the building or to find the direction and position of the strongest signals, as the location of the installation outside antenna

2 after selecting the appropriate position will indoor ah you fixed on the wall or support
3 in related indoor location choosing appropriate location (this site for nearly power supply and outdoor antenna side rain sunscreen and well ventilated for best location) install indoor machine and fixed on the wall or support
4 will be introduced to the outside antenna is suing (OUTDOOR) interface links at this point and OUTDOOR antenna and indoor amplifier
May determine the installation position of indoor antenna fixed antenna
6 INDOOR antenna and received the INDOOR antenna amplifier connection end interface on the other end of receiving repeater machine INDOOR (INDOOR) port

Mobile signal amplifier installation considerations:

1, outdoor antenna installation location must be able to clear on the phone, the installation must be level yagi.

2, eight wood and the distance from the antenna suction a top as far as possible, more than 8 meters, not in the same line of sight range, lest cause self-excited, typical generally use a wall for isolation, the effect is good.
3, 75-5 coaxial line is usually F head through to the host, should be an absolute guarantee F head fastening, recommend the use of 75-7 coaxial feeder effect is obvious.
4, F head must be for 75-5 inch line 75-5 coaxial line should also form a complete set, can appear otherwise can\'t install.

Question answer:

1, mobile phone signal amplifier can produce radiation, affect the body health?

A: definitely not.Power is not big, because the downlink power output is only about 500 mw, the relative maximum transmitted power of GSM mobile phone, only 1/20, very small.

2, have electricity, two lights are not bright??
A: very likely ac power supply is unreliable, suggest change the socket.

3, signal full, can\'t call, but can come in, what\'s the problem?
A: the reason for the mobile launch of signal transmission to the base station can not be a good cause, for many reasons, generally can be adjusted through the yagi direction, such as rotate 360 degrees, choose a good point of view, fixed again.If still can\'t solve, you can consider whether or not the connection and joint is too long, or loose, and tighten in place.General section of line no more than 10 meters suitable outdoor, indoor section of the line is not more than 5 meters.

Scope of application:

1) signal blind area of small area or weak signal area: such as underground or semi-underground place of business, small basement, underground parking, etc

2) small hot signals complaints area: such as conference room, small supermarkets, shopping malls, office rooms and small public areas, etc
3) traffic and social influence of big area: bars, Internet cafes, dance halls, cafes, fitness clubs, leisure entertainment, etc
4) elevator, especially in the elevator shaft inconvenient to lay cables of the elevator
5) family, office, luxurious yacht, car, * * system and road safety?Fei miaotuo magpie?
6) there is no signal within a large workshop

Function characteristics:

1) high gain of linear power amplifier

2) automatic level control
3) low noise receiving amplifier
4) there is no disturbance to the base station, opening without need of the original system and the base station parameter to adjust
5) stable and reliable electromagnetic compatibility design
6) do not cause the increase of base station background noise, will not lead to a drop in the quality of base station communication
7) in full-duplex communication way
8) cooling effective and reasonable, beautiful structure, volume is appropriate


1)To use this product to enlarge your signal, the outdoor siganl where put outdoor antenna shall be as good as possible,the signal in your mobile phone shall be full and must be very stable for talking.The product will not work good if your outdoor signal is not good or bad.Make sure your outdoor signal is good before buying.If your outdoor signal is not sufficient and instability, we will not bear any responsibility for your outdoor signal is not good.

2)The post air mail takes about 20-45 working days to deliver, sometimes takes about 60 working days.If you did not get your item after long time, please DO NOT open any dispute, please contact us to extend time for your order and report to post office.

3)Customs Tax & Duty: We can help buyers to lower the invoice value, but tax is charged by buyers.country, it is out of our control, buyers are responsible for tax and customs clearance.

4)Remote Area: Buyers are responsible for remote area delivery cost.

5)Damaged on arrival: when you sign the parcel, please check it carefully. You\'d better take a video or photos when open it. If there is any damage or shortage for your parcel,contact your post office or express company immediately, please send video or photos to our service staff at the same time.DO NOT open any kinds of claim at aliexpress, we will extend time for your order once you reported to us and give you a satisfied solution.

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