HIFI Ground Loop Isolator for Audiophile Car Noise Filter

HIFI Ground Loop Isolator for Audiophile Car Noise Filter


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HIFI ground loop isolator for Audiophile

Eliminate Car Electrical Noise

ATTETION:This is audio Isolator (noise filter),without bluetooth function. It isn\'t bluetooth car kit.But it used for Bluetooth Car Kit or other Audio devices in car or in home.

Pls see above picture. Our HIFI version use bigger permalloy core in transformer. The low frequency can reach 20HZ. You absolutely couldn’t hear distortion in low frequency. This isolator even can drive headphone.


  • Eliminates humming and buzzing due to ground loop issues
  • Filters out DC current in the signal path
  • Connectors: 3.5mm Male, 3.5mm Female
  • Passive in-line device
  • Close to perfect response of +/- 0.03 dB from 2-20,000 Hz
  • Utilizes proprietary audio transformers for a 1.3 dB gain
  • Audio signals can be transmitted along our isolator without distortion.


Eliminate the electrical noise and hum caused by ground loops with this ground loop isolator. These problems typically occur when multiple components receive power from different locations. This isolator solves that problem by providing ground path isolation between components while maintaining full frequency response. This device is designed to work with any music player that outputs stereo audio over a 3.5mm jack. It provides a female-to-male 3.5mm setup.

*If you hear noise when charging your device but not when operating on battery, then this product should solve the problem.


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