gsmjustoncct 2018 new original UFI Box power /Ufi ful EMMC Service Tool

gsmjustoncct 2018 new original UFI Box power /Ufi ful EMMC Service Tool


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UFiBox powerful EMMC Service Tool can Read EMMC user data, repair, resize, format, erase, read write update firmware on EMMC For Samsung China Phone For Skhynix For Toshiba For Kingston For Micron February 15 UFI software version released Changes in this version: UFIBOX Firmware version updated to version 1.08 ADD: FFU file for KMNJS000FM-B205(3),KLM8G2FE3B-B001(14) and KLMBG4GEAC-B001(0) with smartreport support ADD: Second Support Server, IDM support closed on server side for server stability and to minimize downtime ADD: Copy files to (internal) sdcard function in AdbTool ADD: Read Health and Smart report(moviNAND) in AdbTool ADD: Auto Resume function re-enabled and fixed, usefull when read/dumping data from eMMC with bad sectors ADD: Shorcut to thirdparty apk root tools from the # menu Download UFI_android-superuser-pkg.7z and extract to UFI install path (C:\\UFI) ADD: Settings for Always backup EXT_CSD ADD: Settings for [moviNAND] Always Factory Erase before Factory Reset BUGFIX: eMMC Initialization improved BUGFIX: Intel Imei write (switch AT mode failed issue) resolved BUGFIX: Adb and Fastboot crash issue resolved BUGFIX: Smartcard detection routine improved BUGFIX: Update eMMC fw routine improved (VMX0 issue) BUGFIX: Huawei *.APP files parser fixed BUGFIX: Fastboot file package parsing issue fixed BUGFIX: EXT_CSD write issue BUGFIX: eMMC initialization issue for device with active RST_n_FUNCTION January 15th UFI Software version released eMMC ToolBox changes: ADD: Automated reset partition config and boot bus on Factory reset for moviNAND ADD: eMMC product name definition updated ADD: eMMC TP pinouts definition updated ADD: FFU files for KMNJS000ZM-B205(3), KMVYL000LM-B503(37), KMVZL000LM-B900(26) ADD: [User Partition] Reading eMMC User partitions for Qualcomm devices will also generate rawprogram0.xml The generated dump may be used for Qualcomm debrick function with Android ToolBox, – but you have to spesify the required loader (Sahara or Firehose) files BUGFIX: Partition scaning and Resize User Data bugfixes for some devices (Xperia) BUGFIX: [Factory Image] Writing Qualcomm files may result in invalid MBR generation Android ToolBox changes: ADD: Qualcomm Sahara and Firehose flashing routine Easy repairing dead/hard bricked devices (Qualcomm HS-USH QDLoader 9008) Flashing bricked qualcomm devices with sahara or firehose protocol For Sahara, MPRG and msimage will be used and for Firehose *emmc_firehose*.mbn will be needed Note that not all Qualcomm Soc supports Firehose protocol The firmware packages used for Qualcomm flashing is standart QPST files Factory file package supported in this release: Lenovo *.qsb Lots of files already uploaded to Support and we still uploading more ADD: Switch to DLOAD (Qualcomm MMC Storage mode) (Power icon) ADD: [Flash Tool] Flashing support for ASUS Qualcomm devices (Zenfone Laser) ADD: [Flash Tool] Flashing support for Huawei devices ADD: [Flash Tool] Added support for Huawei factory file package (UPDATE.APP) ADD: [Flash Tool] Added support for Lenovo factory Intel file package *.inb ADD: [Imei Tool] Read and Write PRL for Qualcomm devices(requires valid SPC for most devices) ADD: [Imei Tool] Read and Write QCN for Qualcomm devices(requires valid SPC for most devices) ADD: [Imei Tool] Send PWD (Security Password) for Qualcomm devices ADD: [Flash Tool] xFSTK version selection that will be used for intel flashing ADD: [Flash Tool] Add Re-Partitioning only for all intel ASUS devices ADD: [Flash Tool] Unroot method for Android Intel devices(# menu) ADD: [Flash Tool] Framaroot root/unroot method (# menu) ADD: [Flash Tool] Intel auto flashing fastboot handler Intel flashing will automaticaly continuing to fastboot flashing when MFT file used (flash.xml) BUGFIX: [Flash Tool] Improved fastboot flashing routine BUGFIX: [Flash Tool] Improved intel flashing routine BUGFIX: [Imei Tool] Repair Imei for Qualcomm devices improved BUGFIX: [Imei Tool] Repair Imei for Intel Devices with Dual Baseband BUGFIX: [Adb Tool] Superuser access issue on some devices BUGFIX: [Adb Tool] Storage info detection for some devices BUGFIX: [Adb Tool] Adb dump stops at 10% bugfixed BUGFIX: [Adb Tool] Adb dump will now use temporary storage at /data/local/tmp is no internal sd path detected NOVEMBER 20 Android ToolBox released Android ToolBox 1.2 build 335 for UFI released for public. Features in this version: FlashTool FASTBOOT – Universal Android Fastboot flash client – Brand and Model based firmware definition – Support for Official ASUS .raw and .zip files – Backup and Restore Android user data, apk files for before and after flashing – Factory reset(erase cache and data ) for Android devices – Factory erase before flash to clean-up user data – Erase all partitions(blankphone), this will erase all userdata partition including factory and config, imei and calibration data will be permanently deleted. this should only be used for empty board, for example after you replace the eMMC. – Included Root script for ASUS Intel devices(# icon), based on: there are 4 fastboot oem triggers available. For newer device usually T4 will work, but for A400CG please select T2. INTEL – Intel SoC Platform Flasher for bricked devices Supported platform: Moorestown, Medfield, Merrifield, Moorefield, CloverView and CloverViewPlus – Pre-packaged debrick file( available for the following devices: ASUS_T00F(A500CG), ASUS_T00J(A501CG) ASUS_T00G(A600CG), ASUS_Z002(A601CG) ASUS_T00I(A400CG) ASUS_T00K(A502CG) ASUS_T00Q(A450CG) ASUS_Z007(ZC451CG) ASUS_Z008(ZE550ML) ASUS_Z00A(ZE551ML) K00Z(ME175CG) K012(FE170CG) ImeiTool currently implemented: – Imei repair for Intel SoC platform, specially for ASUS Intel devices. – Generic Imei repair for Qualcomm. WARNING: IMEI changing is illegal in most countries. Only use this function to restore the original IMEI !!! AdbTool – Dump all the eMMC partitions extcsd, boot1, boot2, gp part and userarea partition – Read and write single partition for example factory, config, modemst1, modemst2, etc WARNING: dump result might be corrupted due to limitation of adb server and client in the windows environment, to resolve this please insert microSd into the device and use the Dump to microSD checkbox – Screencap to capture the device screen, might be useful for documentation or repair phone with faulty lcd – Clear or Disable PERM_WRITE_PROTECT bit in the csd field, to fix or avoid cannot be wipe problem – DragAndDrop handler for adb sideload – DragAndDrop handler for apk install Android ToolBox is Donationware. Feel free to use and if you find this software useful in any meaning, please consider donating. NOVEMBER 26 Whats new: BUGFIX: Access Violation when more than software instance opened. BUGFIX: Imei repair may fail during operation when adb if offline in the middle of process. BUGFIX: Imei repair failures on ASUS device with csc version date 20150918 of later, such as: Zenfone 2 ASUS_Z00A, ASUS_Z008 BUGFIX: Internal and External storage detection BUGFIX: Fastboot flashing may aborted in the midle of process when some in-correct function reported error. ADD: .tgz firmware handling to support official Xiaomi fastboot file package. ADD: Restore to original imei option for ImeiTool(only for ASUS device), this will attempt to get original imei from server (only for device with burned keybox and have a valid isn and serialno) ADD: Downgrade option for Fastboot FlashTool. NOTE that most of Android ToolBox function will use adb, and it might fail when there are softwares that will connect to adb also. SO, please close any other software that using adb when youre using Android ToolBox. OCTOBER 17 eMMC ToolBox updated, latest build: 320 ADD: Adb eMMC Tool Feature: Read/Dump raw data of extcsd, boot1, boot2, gpx(if any), and userarea Read/Dump or Write raw data of userarea partition (usefull for modem/efs data backup/exchange) Screen Capture to help identify problems with display Clear PERM_WRITE_PROTECT (Samsung eMMC/moviNAND only): Similiar to Clear PERM_WRITE_PROTECT with direct emmc connection, this will disable WRITE PROTECT but by USB cable. this function will also Disabling the use of PERM_WRITE_PROTECT. Disable PERM_WRITE_PROTECT: Similiar to Disable PERM_WRITE_PROTECT with direct emmc connection but by USB cable. Disabling the use of PERM_WRITE_PROTECT, so the host can not enable WRITE PROTECT. ADD: UFI Smartcard life counter refill function You will be asked to refill the life counter when the value is bellow 10%. ADD: eMMC Tp definitions updated BUGFIX: Resize User Data partition bug for some devices(e.g Samsung SM-T111) BUGFIX: Downloading files in SUPPORT sometimes get corrupted BUGFIX: SUPPORT might get hang while loading RSS feed BUGFIX: FFU bugfix for moviNAND with VMX0 controller BUGFIX: Double Click to select file was not working on Windows XP BUGFIX: minor bugfixes and improvements (as always) After setup, please synchronize files to get the latest available update. AUGUST 17 Features in this version: High-Speed SDIO Protocol 48MHz Max, 8bit interface for UFI High-Speed SDIO Protocol 120Mhz Max, 8bit interface for UFI-Lite (Userarea only) Direct eMMC (ISP) connection supported using UFI with external power source Wide Access to eMMC partitions including boot1, boot2, userarea, RPMB, GP1,GP2,GP3 and GP4 Flexible settings, allows to set VCC, VCCQ voltage, eMMC clock and bus width auto and manually Simple and managed raw eMMC partitions management with Read, Write, Verify, Erase and Blank Check function Custom eMMC Partitioning supported eMMC Userarea partition management with Read, Write and Erase function USERDATA partition resize and realign Featuring built-in Internal File System browser (Directly browse files content from raw file dump or eMMC) Featuring Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008 loader Load Official files (Factory Image) directly to eMMC Setting eMMC (Boot) Partition Config Boot and RPMB partition size change (Samsung eMMC/MoviNAND) eMMC Health (Samsung,Micron eMMC and MMC5.x) and Smart report (Samsung eMMC/MoviNAND) eMMC Clear CSD PERM_WRITE_PROTECT bit (Samsung eMMC/MoviNAND) eMMC re-write and restore CID (Samsung eMMC/MoviNAND) eMMC Factory reset (Samsung eMMC/MoviNAND) eMMC FFU/Field Firmware Update (Samsung eMMC/MoviNAND) eMMC Brick-Bug recovery by TestPoint (Samsung eMMC/MoviNAND) UFiBox

UFiBox is a is a powerful EMMC Service Tool that can Read EMMC user data, as well as repair, resize, format, erase, read write and update firmware on EMMC in Samsung, china phone skhynix, toshiba, kingston, micron, and other brands.

Ufibox is a tool to repair phones with the ability to:

Repair EMMC
Resize EMMC
Format EMMC
Write full data, erase full
Read boot1
Read boot2
Read ext CSD
Read User Data
Update firmware
Via test point

What are the advantages of UFiBox?

Has its own software, a stand-alone
Display that is easily understood by the user or newbie first technical advance that has been made as easy as possible usage Or ONE CLICK without having configurations app.
Supported data base of various kinds of IC EMMC, which in included in the software Ufi box
Support Ic EMMC samsung and china phone skhynix, toshiba, kingston, micron, and other brands
Has a faster speed compared to other boxes because it uses an interface 8bit full speed
Support the use, installation and use in support by practitioners directly

Hardware Features:

USB 2.0 High-Speed(480 Mbps)
Modern design, with built-in LDO Voltage Out and external power source
Secured with Java smartcard and online system
Multi protocol ready, with 20 (13 usable) multi-purpose IO pins and 1 Full-Speed USB-HOST
Integrated software managed over-current protection

Software Features:

Lowest-cost universal software platform in the market
Work with standalone and user-friendly software
Strong and secure software platform integrated with online(server based) security
Planned to supporting as many as possible up-to-date repair solution
Integrated file synchronizing function


What are the supported OSes?

UFI software developed inside Windows 7 64bit environment, but it can work with All other Windows version starting Windows XP.

However we recommend to use the software with Windows 7 or later.

We have tested the software and drivers to be working with the following OSes:

Windows XP Service Pack 3 (32bit)
Windows 7 Home (32bit)
Windows 7 Ultimate (32bit)
Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit)
Windows 8 Profesional (64bit)
Windows 8.1 Profesional (64bit)
Windows 10 Final (64bit)
Package Contents.

UFIBOX USB2.0 High-Speed + Smartcard
UFI-Lite USB3.0 SuperSpeed uSD/eMMC Reader
2 In 1 eMMC/eMCP socket (169-FBGA,153-FBGA,162-FBGA,186-FBGA)
USB to DC 5V External Power cable You have to ensure that before you purchase a gsmjustoncct 2018 new original UFI Box power /Ufi ful EMMC Service Tool you have previously seen and browse the detail of the merchandise first. In this manner you will be sure that you're getting the proper product that may work for you. Since this gsmjustoncct 2018 new original UFI Box power /Ufi ful EMMC Service Tool has good quality it is among the best sellers in the market now and several folks are recommending the product to their family and friends. These days the product is actually affordable for almost everyone and it’s a very good buy for the money. You don’t need cheaper products if it'll only sabotage your work and can not provide you with the kind of quality that you'll require in the product. With the higher price you can be sure that your money will probably be worth spending in this product.