Dokio Brand 10pcs Flexible Solar Panel 100W Monocrystalline High Quality Flexible Panel Solar 1000w motorhome/camping/Boat/Car

Dokio Brand 10pcs Flexible Solar Panel 100W Monocrystalline High Quality Flexible Panel Solar 1000w motorhome/camping/Boat/Car


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DOKIO Basic characteristics of the product

Maximum power Pmax 100Wp
Open circuit voltage Voc 21.60V
Maximum power point voltage Vmpp 18.00V
Short-circuit current I sc 5.81A
Maximum power point current I mpp 5.56A


Minor reduction in efficiency under partial load conditions at 25°C: at 100 W/m2, 95%- (+/-3%) of the STC efficiency (1000 W/m2) is achieved.


Maximum system voltage SC II 1000 V Maximum reverse current 16 A
Maximum system voltage USA NEC 600 V Increased snowload acc. to IEC 61215 5.4 kN/m⊃2;


PTC rating 90 W Module efficiency 17.0%
Junction box IP65 DOKIO Plus-Sorting* Pflash ≥ Pmax
Connector Power plug Power tolerance* +/- 3 %
Features: Weatherproof ,Flexible, Light weight ,You can gently pedal,Applicable to yachts, ships, cars, station wagons, home, solar power supply system equipment and so on.

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Build your own solar system

Operating Instruction for Solar Panel

  • Installation and operation of solar cell module
  • a). Climatic Conditions
  • Install PV module according to the following conditions
  • Ambient Temperature: -20℃ to + 40℃.
  • Operating Temperature: -20℃ to + 80℃.
  • Borne Snow Pressure: less than 2000Pa
  • Borne Wind Pressure: less than 3000Pa
  • Water proof: don’t soak the PV module in water or continuously expose it to the sprinkling device or under fountains.
  • Corrosion resistance: except for corrosive salt area and sulfurous area.
  • b). Direction
  • Module shall be installed facing south (northern hemisphere) or north (southern hemisphere).Facing east or west may send only a relatively small amount of electric energy, and incorrect installing orientation will cause a loss in energy output.
  • Series-connected PV module shall be installed in the same direction and with the same angle, because different directions and angles may cause loss of energy due to the differences of solar radiation.
  • Installation of module shall avoid under shadows. Even though the module decreases loss of energy through bypass diode, the shadow will cause loss in energy output.
  • Under normal circumstances, the module generates more current and voltage in routines than in the standardized testing conditions, therefore, please operate the configuration by multiplying 1.25 times of the short-circuit current and open-circuit voltage during the installation and application.
  • c). Installation and Precautions
  • The module must be installed on the roof with fire proof function.
  • Connector for installation and connection needs to obtain the approved certification of connector (VDE V 0126-3).
  • Junction box with the type required by the installation and connection needs to obtain the approved certification of junction box (2 PFG1162).
  • Cables with the type required by the installation and connection need to obtain the approved certification of cables (2 PFG1161).
  • When installing modules in batches, the interval distance between modules shall be larger than 100mm.
  • Firstly, place the solar cell module with certain angle (generally 30° or 45°in horizontal plane), and choose a direction that can let the sunlight directly radiate the solar cell module for more time to place the module.
  • Module and bracket shall be fully contacted with the ground.
  • When installing modules, keep away from ignition source or fuels.
  • Installation structure and bracket must bear external pressures such as wind pressure and snow pressure.
  • Installation structure shall be environment resistant and chosen appropriate materials and preservative treatment.
  • Method for high altitude installation shall be appropriate.
  • High falling may cause death, disability and damages.
  • It is forbidden to disassemble, bend, toss the module, nor shock it by hard objects or walk on it.
  • d). Wire Connection and Precautions
  • Open the junction box, connect the red wire to the positive pole (+) and the black wire to the negative pole (-) and insert the other end to the interface of the solar cell wire of the battery cabinet.
  • Fasten the module on the bracket by fastening piece and module mounting hole, the hardness and intensity of the fastening piece and module bracket must achieve the standard and be in accordance with relevant requirements.
  • Use the private joint provided by the company.
  • Note: short-circuit for positive and negative poles are forbidden.
  • The joint shall be tightened without any clearances; otherwise, the clearances may cause sparks.
  • Check if the fastening part of the installation structure is loosen; otherwise, it must be tightened.
  • Often clear the dust and dirt on the surface of the PV module with soft cloth to prevent the loss in energy output due to the block on the surface of the module. Check frequently if the surface of the module is blocked by objects.
  • Replace modules with the same specifications and the same type products.
  • Be careful not to contact the exposed part of the wire or joint, and if it is necessary, wear the insulator (such as tools, gloves, etc.).
  • During the process of installation and maintenance, be sure to cover the surface of the module with cloth or other light proof materials, because the module will generate high voltage under solar radiation which would be dangerous.

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