Cop Rose X6 Robot for Windows Washing Vacuum Cleaner Robot Window Glass Wiper Cleaner Washer Robot Windows Washing Robot

Cop Rose X6 Robot for Windows Washing Vacuum Cleaner Robot Window Glass Wiper Cleaner Washer Robot Windows Washing Robot


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Cop Rose X6 Robot for Windows Washing Vacuum Cleaner Robot Window Glass Wiper Cleaner Washer Robot Windows Washing Robot


1. We will give you 2 pieces of cleaning cloth as a gift for each order, 4 pcs totally in every package.

2. For Russian orders, we will ship from Moscow.

3. If your robot has problem within 1 year, please come to us for free parts and teaching video for replacement.

4. If beyond 1 year\'s warranty, our professional engineers are still here for you. :)

5. We wil declare low price and state " as gift" on your invoice for your custom.

This window cleaning robot is the fastest. It takes only 2.4 minutes for one square meter.

It is perfect for medium and large windows. Frameless window is good, too.

​For frosted glass, it also works well, if the surface roughness is less than 1.5mm.

You only need to press the button on it and it will clean the window or other flat surfaces automatically.

Cleaning coverage is up to 99%.

For the remaining 1%, you can make it through remote controller.

If you want it to go right / left / up / down , you can press the right / left / up / down arrow.

What’s window cleaning robot ?

It is a flat-surface-cleaning intelligent robot.

It can intelligently clean and mop windows and other flat surfaces with one-key operation.

Window cleaning robot X6 designed for Cleaning high windows outside,replace dangerous human work 2.4min/square meter, A window of 2m*1m. Takes around 10 minutes in automatic mode. Work automatically,3 cleaning ways. Suitable for different surfaces above 30 °,mirror,bathroom,wall,marble,wood,tile,etc(no horizontal plane).

Window cleaning robot X6 Smart move navigation.Simple 3 step operation:Power on,Suck,Start.

About safety: 2.8Kpa vacuum chamber,strong enough.Not fall down. 650ma inner battery to keep it stay safety about 20 minutes when it\'s out of power.Not fall down. Special climbing safety rope with 150Kgf. Not fall down.

How does it work ?

1. Walk on windows:

With a vacuum motor inside, it can suck air and stand on the flat and smooth surface.

With two special-design cleaning wheels, so it can freely traverse on the window surface and even on the wall.

2. AI cleaning, infrared sensor and laser sensor

Imbedded with a AI chip, infrared sensors and laser sensors, the window cleaning robot can calculate path, auto-detect fringe of window,

auto-clean entire window. And it won’t go beyond the area where you want it to clean for you.

3. Clean and mop.

One pair of fine fiber cloth is used on the two cleaning wheels.

Micro-fiber based cloth is lint-free and can clean up dust, ash, rain stain, oil stain etc. Efficiently.

4. UPS (Uninterrupted Power System)

An embedded UPS (Uninterrupted Power System) can prevent the robot falling from the window when no electrical power.

The battery inside can support at least 20 minutes in this situation.

However, if power is cut off, we suggest you to take the robot down timely.

What kind of surfaces can it clean ?

It can clean all flat and smooth surfaces, like, windows, tables, walls, seamless floors, doors, bathroom frameless mirror, stainless steel etc.

Windows should be at least 15.75"x17.75".

If you have security windows next to glass windows, the distance between them has to be at least 4.33".

Because the height of the robot is 3.94".

In such condition, our window cleaner robot can work best.

Our remote controller has 2.4G wireless.

You can controll the robot within 15 meters.

What\'s in the box ?

How to power the window cleaning robot ?

1. Connect power, make sure it’s normal.

2. Connect extension cords for cleaning further.

3. Fasten the safety rope and tie to indoor fixture before working.

4. Switch on and make sure the motor is running.

5. Put the robot onto surfaces. Make sure it can stick to the surface before let it go.

How to clean the window ?

1. Dry cleaning

Put dry and clean fiber cloth on the wheels and start the robot to wipe out the dirt on the window.

2. Wet cleaning

After the robot clean the window entirely, change another pair of dry and clean fiber cloth.

Spray 1-2 drops of cleanser on either of the fiber cloth.

Keep the wheel with cleanser down and the other wheel up.

Start to clean.


Material ABS
Color White, Grey
Unit size 24x24x10 cm
Packing size

35x35x15 cm

Net weight 1.2kg/pc
Gross weight 2.5kg/pc
Safety clasp bearing 30kg
Clean speed 2.4min/square
Suction Power 2800Pa
Voltage 100-240V/50-60Hz
Control mode Touch on/ Remote controller
UPS sustain 20-30mins
Anti-falling Vacuum suction/ safety rope
Window frame detection Auto detection
Clean mode Three cleaning modes
Accessories Remote controller/ clean mop/ safety rope/ safety hook/ adapter/ instruction / clean rings/extension wires

Notes before you buy:

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1. We have EU, US, UK plug.

For those whose countries don’t use EU plug, we will offer a free convertor per robot.

Please remark which type of plug convertor you need in your order.

2. The buyer should be responsible for custom clearance and paying import tariffs if any occurred at buyer\'s local custom.

3. If you need wholesale or more questions, please leave messages to us or contact us by

wechat: +86 181 0693 5059

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