Conkim Dual Lens Car Dash Camera GPS DVR Front 1080P FHD+Rear Camera 1080P FHD Parking Guard Auto Registrar Mini 0906 Novatek

Conkim Dual Lens Car Dash Camera GPS DVR Front 1080P FHD+Rear Camera 1080P FHD Parking Guard Auto Registrar Mini 0906 Novatek


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Conkim Dual Lens Car Dash Camera GPS DVR Front 1080P FHD+Rear Camera 1080P FHD Parking Guard G-sensor Motion Detect Mini0906 DVR
Product Option Explanation:
Set 1: Mini 0906 With GPS Standard Package

Set 2: Mini 0906 With GPS Standard Package + CPL Filter

Set 3: Mini 0906 With GPS Standard Package + CPL Filter + Parking Guard Hardwire Kit

Set 4: Mini 0906 Without GPS Standard Package

  • This new mini0906 camera use super capacitor as backup battery, which will not be affect of high temperature; you don\'t need to anxious about battery life anymore;
  • This new mini0906 camera have parking guard function (with exclusive parking guard hardwire kit) so it can help to protect your vehicle 24h*365 days;
  • This new mini0906 camera have a built in temperature sensor which will protect the camera from insolating sunlight;
  • This new mini0906 camera have 2.4G RF controller which can help on one-key photo or file protect;
  • This new mini0906 camera have better card compatibility for large capacity 128GB microSD cards;
  • This new mini0906 camera have optional sucker mount (built-in GPS) finally!
  • And the hereditary GPS mount, CPL filter, G-sensor, HDMI outout and so on......

Video Resolution:

Using Novatek 96663 Chipset with S-O-N-Y IMX291 + IMX292 CMOS Sensor
Support 160 Degree Rotating

GPS/SPEED/DRIVER NUMBER Stamping The dash camera can record your driving trace and stamp the GPS data, speed and stamping the speed data, driver number or customized phrase on video.

One Key Remote Control
When the camera is in standby or recording mode, press the button on remote control to take a photo, hold the button for 1 second to protect current video

Loop Recording The camera supports automatically loop recording when the card is full.

CPL filter (Optional) Reduce the relection from shiny surface like vegetation, sweaty skin, water surface, glass, road and let the natural color come through at the same time. Some of the light coming from the sky is also polarized to give a more dramatic sky and high contrast clouds, rendering outdoor scenes crisper with deeper color tones. Align the white line on CPL with the dot on camera and rotate for best reflection reducing effect. CPL filter is highly recommend for Mini 0906 camera. Chose from different product option. You may also buy extra CPL, .

Built in Super Capacitor, no battery
Mini 0906 with super capacitor tech. it can\'t be turned on until is recharged by car charger.
Safty confficient is higher than Mini 0806.
It\'s working temperature -25℃~65℃
More stable in Winter or Summer.
Longer lifetime than battery version.

Built In Temperature Protection

This camera will auto turn OFF when the motherboard temperature go up to 90 ℃ (194 ℉) and auto turn ON when the motherboard cooling to 65 ℃ (149 ℉), this will help to reduce the risk and still protect your vehicle all the time even under sunlight, with Parking Guard or motion Detection function.

Parking Guard Function Parking guard function is ued to monitor the vhicle outside for safety after vehicle parked. It needs work with Parking Guard Hardwire kit as power source.
When the vehicle engine turned off, the Parking Guard Hardwire Kit will send a signal to the dash camera, the camera will switch to Parking Guard status and record low frame (1fps) rate video to save storage space, and start motion and vibration monitoring. Once there is motion detected or G-sensor value actives, the camera will turn to normal frame rate recording until 15 seconds after the trigger stop; then the camera will be back to monitoring status again.

More information: Auto Switch Lapse - the camera will record low frame 720P 2fps lapse video while parking, but if there is motion detected it will auto switch to 720P 30fps for 15 seconds recording then auto switch back to 720P 2fps after image still. Always Time Lapse - the camera will record low frame 720P 2fps lapse video all the time while parking; Motion Detection – the camera will auto switch on motion detection function while parking, if there is motion detected it will record video for 15 seconds; Normal Recording – the camera will continue record normal video even after vehicle parked, it will be a huge storage consume.
Parking Guard Hardwire Kit (Optional, Set 3 include) The Parking Guard Hardwire Kit is used on Mini 0906 and other camera which support Parking Guard function, to protect your vehicle when it parked. It also can be used as a high quality common hardwire kit on no Parking Guard function camera, to power the camera and protect your battery from drain. Not include in standard package, you can chose from different product option from this link.

Built in G-sensor The G-sensor is used to detect the 3-axis impacting forces (vibration acceleration). If any impact over the threshold value is detected, the current recording file will be locked to avoid being over-writen.
Support HDMI transmission

Sticker Mount with 2 °wedges +4 ° wedges When you need the camera offset from top center of windshield, you can use the wedges to adjust the camera view direction.

There are two wedges attached in accessories bag, one is 2 °angle and another is 4 °angle. With those you can mount the dash camera at a 2 °,4 ° or with both together 6° offset location.

  • This DVR adopt Novatek NT96663 chipset with 2GB DDR3 RAM.
  • Front camera adopt SONY IMX291 2MP CMOS image sensor.
  • Front camera adopt 7 layers full glasses lens with 135° wide angle and F1.7 aperture.
  • Rear camera adopt SONY IMX322 2MP CMOS image sensor.
  • Rear camera adopt 6 layers full glasses lens with 145° wide angle and F2.0 aperture.
  • Dual chanel recording resolution:Full HD 1080p 30fps + Full HD 1080p 30fps.Single chanel recording resolution is 1080p 60fps.
  • Temperature protection.When the camera temperature reach to 90°,it will turn off auomatically to reduce the risk.
  • The Max external storage of this car camcorder is up to 128GB.
  • Support GPS trace logging.
  • Support exclusive remote control for files protection or taking photo.
  • Support up-side-down mounting.
  • Support magnetic Circular Polarizing Filter(CPL) for car camera (Optional)
  • Support HDMI output to HDTV to playback.
  • Support WDR.
  • Support Motion detection
  • Support parking guard function, need work with original hard wire kit (Production option Set 3 include)
  • Support G-sensor files protection.
  • Built-in 5.4V 2.5F super capacitor back up battery.

All Dear friend,Pls read me before you make order.
1 . Car DVR needs for outdoor use, search for satellite positioning! And when running Car DVR , connect the original car charger. 2 . we will declare the lower price on the invoice/bill to help avoid custom duty. If the parcel get strict inspected by custom. You still need to pay tax to clear custom. We won`t bear the customs taxes.If you have special requests,please contact us. 3 . In the option of shipment, if you choose DHL,not include DHL remote cost, custom duty, or any commission charged by dhl for custom clearance or warehouse storage cost. 4 . Please open the parcel in post officer`s presence,If the parcel damaged or empty(stolen),please ask the post office to provide official document,especially the claim request paper. 5 . If you have any problem with your equipment, pls check our FAQ link first,it may can help you solve the problem quickly.>>: 6 . About the Shipment,pls check this link.>> 7.About return and warranty policy, pls check this link. >> You should be sure that before you get a Conkim Dual Lens Car Dash Camera GPS DVR Front 1080P FHD+Rear Camera 1080P FHD Parking Guard Auto Registrar Mini 0906 Novatek you have already seen and read the detail of the merchandise first. In this manner you could be sure that you are getting the right product that will suit your needs. Since this Conkim Dual Lens Car Dash Camera GPS DVR Front 1080P FHD+Rear Camera 1080P FHD Parking Guard Auto Registrar Mini 0906 Novatek has top quality it is among the best sellers in the market now and several people are recommending this product to their friends and family. These days this product is really affordable for nearly everyone and it’s a very good buy your money can buy. You don’t need cheaper products if it'll only sabotage your work and can not provide you with the sort of quality that you need in the merchandise. With the bigger price you will be sure that your cash is worth spending in this product.

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