co2 laser glass cutting machine tube 60w 1200mm length 55mm diameter for co2 laser engraving machine

co2 laser glass cutting machine  tube  60w 1200mm length 55mm diameter for co2 laser engraving machine


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Co2 laser tube have feature like high quality laser beam . high cutting speed , small volume . which extend the usage of laser tube . our unique laser coating technology enhances the laser tube power and improves its lifetime For insure the Consistency of the laser tube quality , we carry out precise digital control and very strict quality control. in our process of production from laser tube blank firing process , resonant cavity catalyst coating grinding & mirror mounting to high accuracy gas charge technique . Application : Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine and other laser machinery Instructions 1. First, the electrode line is connected, (+, -) pole not to take the wrong. 2. Cooling water pipe installation, installation method for water from the cathode, positive water and meet the principle of the next into the up and out, and the interface can not leak. Before the use of water storage must be enough water, water pipe after the water must be no air bubbles can be used (each must be observed before use). If the laser tube is mounted vertically, note that no air bubbles are present on the top of the laser tube and that thermal shock occurs when a bubble is present, which can cause damage to the laser tube. 3, CO2 laser efficiency is about 15-30%, so 100 watts of laser power, about 200-500 watts of electricity will be converted to heat, in order to maintain the good performance of the laser tube, please use the range between 15-25 Celsius temperature controllable chiller, the water flow rate of not less than 2-4L / min or so, if the instability of the cooling water will cause the laser tube jump mode, spot shape output power instability. 4, the installation of the laser tube, the laser tube of the two support points to the total length of the laser tube 1/4 of the point in the high-pressure laser tube and any other metal surface left between the large enough space. If the gap is too small, then used to trigger the laser tube with the metal surface will produce high-pressure ignition, will cause damage to the laser tube and even lead to other major electronic components of laser damage. 5. Users are advised to add an automatic detection device to the laser tube cooling water circulation system to prevent malfunction of the laser tube due to overheating during operation. Please consult the laser machine supplier for details. Common Problems in the Work of CO2 Laser Power weak Laser tube output mirror surface is scratched and dirt, the correct placement of the supporting point; Output current, power supply voltage, cooling water temperature, cleanliness, flow size; Focusing mirror, mirror surface cleanliness, whether in the work of fever, optical path offset and so on. High pressure ignition Check whether there is any debris around the high pressure connector or too close to the metal part; Indoor environment is too humid resulting in conductive phenomena, the summer should pay attention to the use of condensate water chiller; Laser power supply high-voltage connection device within the short-term and damage. Laser tube rupture, water head off Water temperature control in the range of 15 Degrees Celsius -25 Degrees Celsius, cold areas ranging from cooling water ice, laser shut down, 0 degrees below shall not allow the cooling water stored in the laser; Luminous must be under the control of the work of water protection; (test laser tube will not turn on or off with the water light or not light) Cooling water pipes there is no pressure off like; Whether there will be bubbles in the laser tube; Water pressure flow is normal, whether the low flow into the direction 1-5 is the normal quality of the laser tube. In the event of 1-5 items will not be able to enjoy the warranty service Packing : All the tube packaged in wooden case and carton box will sponge

Good package in wooden case

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