BNT starts crimping from 1/4'' 2" hand hose hydraulic crimping machine

BNT starts crimping from 1/4'' 2

BNT starts crimping from 1/4'' 2" hand hose hydraulic crimping machine

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BNT starts crimping from 1/4\'\' 2" hand hose hydraulic crimping machine

BNT51M manual hose crimper machine is suitable for high precision pressing of low and high pressure hose diameter ,starting from 1/4" to 2" internal hose pipe.

How to Correct a Crimping Hydraulic Hose

Crimping refers to the method used to attach fittings to the end of a hydraulic hose.

Special crimping machines can be used to ensure the ends are properly fitted to the hose.

Crimping machines can be rented or leased from crimping manufacturers.

These machines generally follow the same procedures during the crimping process.



Mount the crimping machine on a workbench. Depending on the weight of the crimping machine, the workbench used must be able to support at least 136 Kilogram or more.


Remove the plug from the hydraulic reservoir located on the crimping machine.


Insert the vent cap into the reservoir. The vent cap is supplied with the unit.


Plug the crimping machine into a dedicated electrical circuit. Avoid using extension plugs. Instead, plug it directly into the wall.


Select the die cage based on the size and style of the hose. The crimping machine instruction manual will contain complete, detailed crimp specifications.


Load the die cage by extending the ring\'s length as far as it will go.


Use the adjustment knob at the top of the machine to determine the diameter of the crimp for each hose, fitting and die cage. The settings range between 000 and 400. Adjust the knob between these settings to the number found on the crimp setting chart. Each downward rotation increases the setting by 025. Rotate the knob downward until you reach the desired setting.


Press and hold the crimp switch in the upward position to insert the fitting. Toggle the switch up and down to reposition the fitting if necessary.


Wait for the machine to finish crimping the fitting. The machine will stop and the black guard will move up and over the red indicator ring on the adjustment knob.


Remove the crimp hose assembly by pressing and holding the crimp switch in the downward position. The machine will release hydraulic pressure.


Inspect the diameter of the crimp in the fitting and verify that it is correct.

Pictures of BNT51M manual hose crimping machine:

Hydraulic pump and hydraulic head of our manual hose crimping machine

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Hose crimping machine, also named Swaging Machine, Hose Crimper, is widely used in the mechanical engineering at home and abroad. There are Hydraulic Hose Crimping Machine and Manual Hose Crimping Machine. They are specially designed for use in different field. Nowadays, more and more machine have used rubber hose to transmit hydraulic pressure as there working power. After crimped by the Hose Crimping Machine, the rubber hose have been used widely in almost every industrial field which involved in hydraulic pressure. In our daily life, we can easily found the rubber hose used in Building Construction, Petroleum Industry, Chemical Industry, Car and Motor Industry.

Using our manual hose crimper to crimp hydraulic hose:

Packing of our portable manual hose crimping machine:

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