APA102 1m/5m RGB Full Color 30/36/60/96/144 leds/m SMD5050 IP30/IP65/IP67Pixel LED Strip SK9822 backlight tv lights CLK DAT 5V

APA102 1m/5m RGB Full Color 30/36/60/96/144 leds/m SMD5050 IP30/IP65/IP67Pixel LED Strip SK9822 backlight tv lights CLK DAT 5V


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1.APA102 have 4 Wire input and output : Data ,Clock ,GND ,Anode, build in ic, double signal .

2.APA102 LED made in Taiwan with high lumen LED chip, refresh date 400 cycle. So APA102 LED strip could accept large date from controller and change color smooth without flickers also keep high brightness.

3.Grey scale 256, 256(Red)*256(Green)*256(Blue)=16777216 colors that APA102 LED can change. Keep LED show smooth color effect when changing color.

4. Can be custom LED QTY. there are 32LED 60LED 72LED 144LED

5.Per meter available at present.APA102 LED is suitable use for LED display or screen to showanimation videos with high resolution.

The best seller product and tested by market----APA102 Digital Programmable LED Strip.

Each 1LED programmable and cuttable, Width: 12mm-----Lower voltage drop, better heat dissipation.

Pay attention:

White : White PCB

Black : Black PCB

IP30: non-waterproof

IP65: waterproof (Epoxy)

IP67: waterproof (Silicone tube)

LEDS/M : 30/36 / 60 / 96/144

APA102 strip

Item leds/m pixels/m voltage power(max) pcb color width waterproof level
APA102-30 30 30 DC 5V 9 w/m white/black 10mm IP30/IP65/IP67/IP68
APA102-32 32 32 DC 5V 9.6 w/m white/black 10mm IP30/IP65/IP67/IP68
APA102-36 36 36 DC 5V 10.8 w/m white/black 10mm IP30/IP65/IP67/IP68
APA102-48 48 48 DC 5V 14.4 w/m white/black 12mm IP30/IP65/IP67/IP68
APA102-60 60 60 DC 5V 18w/m white/black 12mm IP30/IP65/IP67/IP68
APA102-72 72 72 DC 5V 21.6/m white/black 12mm IP30/IP65/IP67/IP68
APA102-144 144 144 DC 5V 43.2 w/m white/black 12mm IP30/IP65/IP67/IP68


Model: APA102-C LED Strip
• Light source: SMD 5050 LED
• Sheet: FPCB
• IC Model: APA-102
• Gray scale: 256,
• LED Quantity: 30/36/48/60/72/96/144 Leds / m
• Viewing angle: 120 °
• Color: color, can be adjusted
• Standard Operating Voltage: DC 5V
• Power: 10 ± 10% / m
• Waterproof Rate:IP30/IP65/IP67
• FPCB color: Black/White
• Packing: 1/5m/roll, static bag packaging
• Supporting Symphony controller T-1000S

• Widely used for home, hotels, clubs, shopping malls.
• Architectural decorative lighting, boutique atmosphere lighting
• Extensively applied in Back-lighting, concealed lighting
• Emergency & security lighting, advertisement sign lighting
• Holiday, event, show exhibition decoration.

Installation Instructions:
• Clean the surface you intend to stick the light strip to
• Peel off the backing strip off the 3M adhesive tape
• Press and hold the light strip firmly against the surface
• Connect the 4-Pin input of the light strip to the 4-Pin output of the Controller
• Connect the DC jack output of the power adapter to the DC jack input of the Controller
• Remove the tab from the battery compartment of the remote control
• Connect your power adapter to your wall outlet. Your light strip is now ready to use.

Product Features:

1, the control principle: an IC control an LED form a loop (a), the controller IC on the FPCB through the control circuit inside the control to control the LED lights change different effects; such as flashing, chasing, jumping, Happy clockwise, counterclockwise Happy, Happy monochrome, color Happy, single chase from start to finish, running water, simulated lightning; changing effect this section is not limited to the current light bar controller built-in 94 kinds of effects can be based on customer needs , write your own; arranged in the form of screen can display, text, letters, pictures, animations, and so on.
2, environmental safety: high quality highlight SMD 5050 LED. With small power consumption, resulting in less heat, no glare, impact resistance and other characteristics. Low voltage DC 5V power supply, high security and reliability.
3, color can be varied by the controller needs to be adjusted according to the customer.
4, long life: average life expectancy of 50,000 hours.
5, cutting, welding facilitate freedom: each group of LED to form a loop, you can cut off any tangent meet customer requirements and demand for welding various lengths of light bar along the top.
6, soft: A soft FPCB board as a substrate, can butt, bending, cutting, and easily fixed to unsmooth surface.
7, light, thin: suitable for installation in narrow space inside

Easy installation
Every 1 LED lamp can be arbitrary cut off, good flexibility, easy installation, can be arbitrary bending.

Dream color lighting
Match use controller can appear colorful curtain-up/ flow water/raindrop/jump flash and so on hundreds of lighting effect,

you can also edit animation effect by Coreldraw/Flash/LedEdit software.


Polygonal walls a hotel / nightclub / KTV and other places, the drop ceiling, from the decor to heighten the atmosphere;
2, building, advertising wall signs, festivals and other decorative areas to the city from the United States and / lighting effects;
3, home decorative lighting (stairs, door frames, bar, wine cabinet, wardrobe, TV cabinet, DIY home decoration ...);
4, car (body, vehicle ...);
5, building castles iconic buildings, bridges, parks and other contour outline, from embellishment lighting effects.
6, the lighting signal (such as various light indication logo)
7, Edge-Lighting of transparent or diffused materials
8, support underwater lighting project

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