AIcorrect translator Pro 4200mAh voice photo translate offline translation multi-language Interpreter 4G/WIFI 45 languages

AIcorrect translator Pro 4200mAh voice photo translate offline translation multi-language Interpreter 4G/WIFI 45 languages


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AIcorrect translator---Chinese famous brand, Official authorized

45 languages cover all continents.

Mandarin, English, Japanese, Cantonese, Thai, Indonesian, Russian, French, Spanish, Korean, German, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Arabic, Malay, Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian, Slovak, Norwegian, Dutch, Vietnamese, Polish, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, Czech, Slovenian, Catalan, Croatian, Filipino, Ukrainian, Icelandic, Zulu, Javanese, Lithuanian, Latvian, Hebrew, Hindi and Galician.

System language support: English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese

Product highlights

1. Specially designed for overseas travelers, Alcorrect Translator can be generally used in situations of travelling, business, dining, hotels, shopping, recreation, education and more.

2. 57 accents/dialects can be recognized. Alcorrect translator divides accents into different groups to maintain the high translation accuracy. Based on the techniques researched by CSLT in Tsinghua University, the problem of accents recognition has been solved. Clear voice recognition, higher translation accuracy.

3. 4.1-inch screen and retinal resolution guarantee the AI photo translation result. Take photos of menu, road sign, logo, articles and so on to get translated.

4. Multiple networking methods: WIFI and 4G SIM card. This translator also can share its network to other devices, like smartphone and tablet PC, through its hotspot.

5. Small and compact. Size: 141.1*63.8*16.2mm. Net weight is only 196g.

6. Intelligent tour guide of global scenic spots. More than 1200 scenic spots and more than 20,000 pieces of tour guide information in more than 50 countries are installed in the translator. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery while listening to the explanation of it.

7. AI voice assistant. Understand your needs and satisfy your requirements. Alcorrect Pro also can provide you practical tourist assistant: currency calculator, weather checking, car hiring, shopping recommendation and so on.

8. Four-microphone collects the human voice accurately and the windshield keeps the sound clearer. Cope with various noisy environments, recognize voice and increase the recognition accuracy of human voice.

9. Offline translation. For now, support Chinese and English and Chinese and Japanese two-way offline translation. Chinese and Korean two-way translation will be coming soon.

10. AI Object Recognition. Object Recognition technology helps you know the world easily. You can take photos of plants and animals, or get more specific information of one thing. Built-in flash. Satisfy the translation requirements even in dark environment.

11. 4200mAh large capacity battery provides you a 12-hour continuous working time or 16-hour tour guide. 2 hours charging time and 168 hours standby time.

12.Currently supporting online photography in China, Britain, Japan, Korea, France, West, Germany, Russia, Italy, Portugal, Thailand, Indonesia, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, and more language support will follow.

12. Functional parameters:

Voice translation

45 languages. 2 languages offline translation

Photo translation

Support 15 languages photo translation

Object Recognition

AI Object Recognition

Help you understand the world


Online words checking

Scenic guide

Global tourist attractions and voice explanation

Tourist information

Obtain the information of scenic spots, customs and so on in advance.

Multiple network methods

WIFI/Hotspot. Shared WIFI

Google map

Provide the vector map of global municipal district

Google search

Efficient and comprehensive

Voice secretary

Convenient operation


Real-time local weather checking

World clock

World time check and switch


One button contact Emergency Contact

Currency calculator

Real-time currency calculation


Customize your own Alcorrect translator

13. Accessories: Alcorrect Translation Pro (built-in battery), USB cable, warranty card, manual and ejection pin.

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