50 Square meter electric Heating film With accessories, AC220V+-10V thermostat control underfloor heating

50 Square meter electric Heating film With accessories, AC220V+-10V thermostat control underfloor heating


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Packing include:

1. Heating film X50 square meters;

2. Thermostat X4 pieces;

3. Clamps X100 pieces;

4. Insulating tape X1roll;

5. Insulating daub X1roll;

6. Clamp plier X1piece;

High quality & Low price for customers!

TF has used the traditional style of heating, applied modern technology and design, resulting in superior heating system of floor, wall and ceiling heating, coupled with extraordinary cost savings and environmental benefits.

This Heating System is applied to most residential buildings, such as house, hotel, sauna, beauty saloon, office, etc.

Infrared Electric Heating Film Specification Data:

Power supply: 230VAC, 50Hz

IP Grade: IP54

Compression strength: 2750V

Tensile strength: 0.15mp/cm2

Insulation grade: B1

Ambient temperature: -40~+90Centigrade

Radiance: 75%~85%

Oxygen index: >31%

Thickness: 0.25mm

Wavelength of radiation: 8~15m

The max breakdown voltage: 10,000V

Melting temperature: 110Centigrade

Flame retardant rating: UL94VO

Infrared energy: 756.9K/Square meter

Adhesive strength: 8.0kg/cm2

The max surface temperature: 54 Centigrade

Power consumption of heating film:

Electric film rated power is 220W/Square meter. Means full loading: 0.2 kWh. Installed electric film heating system, are relying thermostat control, intermittent work to make the room temperature is maintained constant. When the room reaches the set temperature, the system will enter standby mode.

Only 150W power per square meter!! Paved area of 70% of the room can achieve heating requirements. According to the test, when the outdoor temperature is -6 degrees Celsius, the indoor temperature want to maintain at 20 degrees Celsius, under the control of the thermostat, electric film per day per square meter of actual working time is 4-8 hours. Daily consumption per square meter is about 0.9 kWh.

Saving essentials:

(1) An electrical heating system of the room to do better warm insulation, electric film actual working time will be shorter, thereby reducing power consumption. It is more convenient than the boiler and more environmentally friendly.

(2) Install thermostats in each room, separate control. Close heating system when no body in the room, thereby reducing the working area, to save power. It is the same principle with central air condition, but more comfortable.


Customers Question 1: Will electric film heating leak? Waterproof?
Answer: no. Electric film to warm with good insulating properties, sealed waterproof, flame retardant and anti-aging properties, can meet Europe, Chinas security certification.

Customer Question 2: electric film to warm the same principle with electric blanket?
Answer: Not the same. Electric blanket is a nickel -chromium wire heating, heating cable is nickel-chromium wire heating too. (A magnetic field, power consumption intensive) electric film to warm the carbon " far -infrared heat. (Power consumption is small, has therapeutic effect)

Customer Question 3: Will electric film heating produce electromagnetic waves?
Answer: no.

Customer Question 4: Will power consumption of electric film as much as warm electric heating (electric stove) does?
Answer: Electric heating film working principle is not the same, low running costs. Electric heating, electric stove, electric oil- heating devices, regenerative heating stove are all intensive power consumption.

Customer Question 5: When electric film heating installation, what are the requirements on the ground?
Answer: rough house cement rough surface can be laid directly; you can also pave it on marble, ceramic tile, wood floors etc.

Customer Question 6: After electric film installation finished, what kinds of materials can be put above it?
Answer: wood flooring, laminate flooring, floor tile (marble, tile), vinyl flooring and so on.

Customer Question 7: Can pure solid wood floor put above electric film?
Answer: no. For pure solid wood floor itself features such as high water content, low density, under heated conditions, distort, distortion or cracking.

Customer Question 8: Is there requirements for thickness when laying laminate floor above electric film? Answer: laminate flooring would better not more than 8 mm thick, too thick not conducive to save energy.

Customer Question 9: After electric film installed in accordance with operating specifications, dose it need to do maintenance?
Answer: no.

Customer Question 10: When buying electric film, how to calculate the purchase area?
Answer: The required 70% of the area of the room to use (such as a room with an area of 10 square meters, just laying 7 square meters, the whole house is so calculated).

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