2x2 4K video wall controller,4K TV wall processor with [email protected] input,HDMI 1 by 4 high Definition image processor

2x2 4K video wall controller,4K TV wall processor with 3840x2160@60HZ input,HDMI 1 by 4 high Definition image processor

2x2 4K video wall controller,4K TV wall processor with [email protected] input,HDMI 1 by 4 high Definition image processor

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1. Overview

TK-UD22 is a high performance ultra HD 4K video wall controller, its main function is to display a high Definition 4K signal on a 2x2 splicing wall

It’s using advanced digital signal processing technology, The Input signal maximum support to 3840*[email protected] Even if play a fast dynamic image, it will be no delay and frame dropping.

TK-UD22 is a high performance and high resolution video wall controller, It is widely used in high definition video images that need to be displayed in the exhibition hall and others, such as military maps, GPS positioning system, oil pipeline monitoring, electric power system and so on.

2. Main functions

1. Input signal

Support 1 channel HDMI2.0, 1 HDMI1.4,1 channal DP1.2 signal input.

﹡ signal input.

﹡ HDMI1.4 signal input.

﹡ Supports 1 channel DP1.2 signal input, maximum resolution up to [email protected];

2. Output signal

4 HDMI 1.3 output, output resolution of [email protected]

3. Signal switching function

Support 1 channel HDMI2.0, 1 channel HDMI1.4,1 channel DP signal input. Switching can be done by remote control, front panel buttons,or the automatic recognition function of the input signal.

When the controller is set to the automatic identification signals,any one port of the input interfaces have signal input,it can be display in the display units.

4. Quad-screen processing

Achieving the most basic 2x2 four-screen splicing function, and you can also set 1x2,1x3,1x4,2x1 display modes, as shown in the following figure:

2x2 Model ([email protected])

1x2 Model (resolution [email protected])

1X3 Model (resolution [email protected])

1x4 Model(resolution [email protected])

5. Image rotate function

Compared with ordinary products,TK-UD22 has a set of signals 180 degree flip. When users are using common LCD splicing, on a row of LCD TV flip 180 degrees, thus substantially reducing LCD splicing gap, reducing image distortion caused by seam is too large, as shown in the following figure:

Upper row LCD flip effect Image rotate effect

6. Audio functions

6.1 Input signals HDMI2.0,HDMI1.4,DP support audio input function.

6.2 Output HDMI and audio input devices are connected, view audio and synchronized playback can be realized.

6.3 Support 3.5mm headphone stereo left and right channel independent stereo output connections.

3. The features

1. Pure hardware system

Based on Pure hardware system, no CPU, no memory, boot only need 3s to 5s, System stability, no crashes, no system crashes,no virus infection risk.Support 365*24 hours of uninterrupted work.

2. Advanced DSP video processing technology

Using the most powerful image processing chip DSP technology. DSP technical support DCDI edge smoothing,ACM Adaptive color management, support of CCS color crosstalk suppression, support sharpness enhancement, dynamic contrast enhancement, genuine six-axis colour control overlap, elimination of noise amplification and other world-leading image processing technologies and functions.

And with 3D comb filter decoding,3D noise reduction and motion-adaptive de-interlacing, color correction, color enhancement,GAMMA correction, and advanced features such as frame rate conversion. Output images without jagged lines or tail, delicate picture quality sharp, smooth and clear, bright colors.

3. Powerful data operations

Data parallel processing technology, each output reached 1920*[email protected] high resolution display. High speed dynamic picture no delay, no tear,no dropped frames,no images chasing phenomenon.

4 , Support 3840*[email protected] UHD signal input

TK-UD22 UHD video wall controller support 1 channel DP,2 channel HDMI signal input , UHD video support interlaced and progressive input.It supports up to 3840*[email protected] of ultra high resolution signal input, and downward compatibility; all input signals through professional-level image processing chip, unified output line by line 60Hz HDMI signal,4 ports together to achieve the output resolution [email protected]

5. Ultra low power consumption

The controller using low-power design, no fan, energy saving and environmental protection, no noise pollution, suitable for all kinds of noise control more stringent meetings or other places.

4. System topology

5. Product pictures

6. Specifications

The name


Signal input

Input interface

1 HDMI2.0,1HDMI1.4,1 DP


HDMI support HDMI2.0,maximum resolution of 3840*[email protected];

HDMI1.4,maximum resolution of 3840*[email protected];

DP support DP1.2,maximum resolution of 3840*[email protected];


Output interface

HDMI * 4; 3.5mm audio * 1;


Left and right channel stereo Audio

Video resolution

HDMI [email protected]

Color depth


Control mode

Front panel buttons, remotes

Input voltage

DC 12V

Display mode

2x2 、1x2、1x3、1x4、2x1

Product size

299( long ) x175 ( depth ) x35 ( high )





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