24V 1A/2A/4A Selectable Smart Car Battery Charger 7-Stage Maintainer & Desulfator for AGM GEL WET Batteries 6-160AH

24V 1A/2A/4A Selectable Smart Car Battery Charger 7-Stage Maintainer & Desulfator for AGM GEL WET Batteries 6-160AH


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This 24V Battery Charger is much more than a trickle charger. It has a brain, is lightweight, compact, fully automatic and very easy to use especially in small spaces. This battery charger will keep the battery fully charged so that it is ready to go always. It has a microprocessor controlled fully automatic charger and maintainer and is designed to extend the life of any lead acid battery commonly used in automobiles, motorcycles, ATVs, personal watercraft, RVs, boats, airplanes, golf carts, back-up generator systems, etc. Any vehicle or battery-operated piece of equipment not used on a daily or regular basis is a candidate for a Battery Tender charger. The advanced technology will bring the battery back to a full charge without overcharging and then float or maintain the battery for an indefinite period of time. The Battery charger comes equipped with alligator clips and ring terminals for easy hook up

High efficiency (>85%).
Selectable charging rates to suit battery capacity.
Selectable battery type.
Temperature self-compensation: Charging voltage adapts to temperature to prevent over or under battery charging.
Capable of recharging severely discharged or heavily sulfated battery.
Reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection, sparks free contact.
Ultra low input power consumption while in standby mode.
Ease of use. Clear charging status display.
Full microprocessor controlled.
Does not over charge your battery even if it is kept connected in maintenance float mode.

Temperature&SafetyProtection: INTERNAL OVERHEAT PROTECTION: The charger is equipped with built-in overheat andoverload electronic circuit protection

TIMER PROTECTION: Charger provides the maximum charging time for each charging stage. In the event it is wired to recharge a larger than recommended battery, charger will stop charging after maximum stage recommended time and the RED LED will be FLASH slowly. Atthispoint, Battery mustbe disconnected.

REVERSE POLARITY: Charger has reverse battery protection. (Red LED ON, while output leads are connected backwards), Disconnect and correctconnectiontobattery.

SHORT CIRCUITPROTECTION: Charger will turnoff upon detectinga shortcircuit (Red LEDON.


Charge Current: 1A 2A 4A

Battery Capacity(Charging AH): 4--20 6--40 10--80

Battery Capacity(Maintaining (AH): 4--30 6--60 10--100

Battery Type Absorption voltage Float voltage MAX

​GEL(for charging GEL batteries) 28.2V 26.8V 28.8VV

WET(for charging FLOODED or wet batteries) 28.8VV 27V 29.4V

​AGM(for charging AGM, 29.4V 27.2V 30V

Sealed,VRLA,Calcium batteries)


Model: EP24M124

Type: Smart & Automatic

Output Voltage : 24V

Output Current: 1 / 2/ 4A

Output Volt No Load : <0.5V

Minimum Start Volt : >2.0V

Input Power W / Load : 34-126W

Input Power No Load : 0.3-0.8W

S ize (L*W*H) : 8*3.5*2 (in)

Net Weight : 1.87LB

​Waterproof: IP67

​Certification: CE, ROHS

​100cm length of input cable,160m total length of output cable.

Smart Charging Stages

20% charging LED: ON.
Engage high peak pulse for deep-discharge or sulphated battery dissolve the lead sulphated crystal bring the electrolyte fluid to well-distributed state
The battery voltage will increase slowly.

If the charger determine your battery is in good condition and no need for desulphation so it will not stay in this stage and skip quickly,it works only when battery discharge too much which below 10V usually.

Soft start:
20% charging LED: ON.
The battery voltage will increase slowly.

This stage stays only when the first desulphation stage stays also,

in this stage the charger will raise the battery’s voltage to around 12V,

if skip quickly in the first stage then it will skip quickly too of this stage.

Bulk :
80% charging LED: ON.
The battery can be charged about 80%.
The charger delivers an almost constant current 2000mA until the battery voltage reaches the set value.

Absorption :
80% charging LED: ON.
The battery can charge up to almost 95%.
The charging current tapers and the charging voltage are kept constant at the set value.

Test Mode
The charging is interrupted for a short period while battery voltage is measured.
If the battery voltage falls too quickly, the battery could be faulty.
FULL LED: Flashing.

Recondition charging
Charger will go into this stage if battery fails Test Mode due to its condition, age or being under charged.
This stage can recover batteries from deeply discharged state increasing performance and battery life.

FULL LED: Flashing.

Float mode

Full LED: ON.
The float mode allows the charger to effectively be left connected to your batteries; it works at a safe level and ready for use.

Maintenance mode

Full LED: ON.
The program engages a special charging waveform and monitors
the battery voltage variety, if the battery voltage sinks, the special
pulses will keep the battery in optimal state, if the battery voltage
drops even lower, the battery charger will switch into bulk charging .
The maintenance mode allows the charger to be connected to the
battery over the course of a season; If possible, check the
electrolyte liquid level in the battery.

This charger allows you to connect the charger to your battery (either in or out of the vehicle) and forget about it until you are ready to put the battery to work.

Like all Battery chargers, once the battery has reached a 100% charge it\'s output voltage to a safe, storage/float level that eliminates the need to worry about the damaging effects of overcharging. If/when the battery voltage drops too far under load, output power will begin again bringing you battery back to a fully charged state.

Packing List:

1 x battery charger

​1 x alligator clip

​1 x user manual

​1 x outer box

If you choose "with accessories" it also includes ring terminals and Cigarette lighter


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