2018 Tactical Infrared Night Vision Telescope Military Digital Monocular HD Powerful Weapon Sight Night-Vision Monocular Hunting

2018 Tactical Infrared Night Vision Telescope Military Digital Monocular HD Powerful Weapon Sight Night-Vision Monocular Hunting


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Infrared HD Tactical Digital night vision device Military Monocular Weapon Sight hunting night vision goggles take picture video

Magnification:5X Dimension of Objectives:φ40mm Field of View:5°x3.75° The Range of Ocular Adjustment: ±0.6 Infrared Illuminator: Yes ,940NM JPEG:2048*1536 Video:640*480(VGA)15FPS Observing Distance(Low Light Environment):2m--∞ Observing Distance(Full Dark Environment):0--200m Power Voltage:3.7V Accessory including carry case/ bag for accessories/ AV cable/ USB cable Battery: 14500 battery750MAH/ 3.7V using max to 1.5-2hours(IR on) Up to 2.5 hours runtime without the use of infrared illuminator. Up to 1 hour with IR illuminator on. Note:To all friends, we can only send with battery though Aliexpress Standard Shipping!!! Other shipping method can not send battery!!! And if you need a EU plug adapter ,please leave us a message, we will send you one for free. The infra redlight is not noticeble to others when using this product. The product is designed for versatility and ruggedness,this unit is ideal for security surveillance,paintball,hunting,boating,hiking and camping The item can be mounted onto hunting rifles and paintball markers. The monocular body has an integrated weaver rail system that unables the user to attach a laser for aiming purposes or other accessories. Our night vision monoculars are compact and good-looking portable hand held night vision devices.By utilizing their high magnification,excellent optical systems ,the item will bring you quite bright and sharp images. The durable,rubber armor housing is perfectly fit for harsh field conditions and some outdoor activities for civilian use and military use,such as hunting,climbing,fishing,camping and viewing at low light condition,also can be used for forest-fire prevention,public security,armed police,custom,frontier denfence,suppress smuggling,drug smuggling investigation and night patrol for guards,helping investigation and obtaining evidence etc. In one word,it is the fantastic night vision units.They’re just for you! FAQ (1) What is a Night Vision Devices (NVD)? Night Vision devices are electronically enhanced optical devices that enable us to see in near-total darkness. (2) Why use a Night Visions Devices Instead of a Flashlight? Two reasons: 1) Night Visions Devices make possible a quality of seeing that is far superior to flashlights. They provide your eyes with a light amplification tool that gives you much more night vision sensitivity than many nocturnal animals. 2) See, without being seen. Think of the advantages of seeing without intruding when you are trying to find your way around an unlit campground. Property owners can observe nocturnal criminal activity. Hunters and nature lovers can observe animals without startling them. If you suspect a prowler is nearby, you can spot the a€?perpetratora€? without alarming him and safely call the police. (3) What is the Minimal Amount of Light Required to Operate an NVD? The threshold of vision with an NVD can vary with different generations,with the quality of the devices, distance and the environment. A Generation-1 Night vision with 500x amplification will give a very useful image in the dimmest light of a scarcely visible new moon. From 100 feet, you can distinguish between kinds of animals, whether a human figure is familiar, male or female. While the screen images are not as sharp as a photograph, Night Visions Devices are astonishing in what they accomplish. (4) What can I see with an Night Visions Device? Even on a moonless night or in a dark interior, everything within range of the IR illuminator. ​Notes

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