15w Mini desktop DIY Laser engraving engraver 10w cutting machine Laser mark on metal 100*100cm big worke area laser cutter

15w Mini desktop DIY Laser engraving engraver 10w cutting machine Laser mark on metal 100*100cm big worke area laser cutter


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Buyers reading:

This machine is a full set of parts, required installed on their own, giving the purchaser to install software and tutorials


1. The software can directly import pictures, enter text, support cad, dxf format

2. Support low light software, software adjust laser power

3. The laser pulse power can reach 10 w

Advantage: 1, the maximum engraving an area to achieve 100* 100CM 2, aluminum material, acrylic produced 3, the software is easy to use, free upgrades for life. 4,it can adjust laser power by software This paragraph engraving laser engraving machine is not available the following materials: ,stone, ceramics, jewelery, reflective material, a colorless transparent material, soft material This paragraph laser engraving machine can engrave the following materials: Metal (steel ,stainless ),Wood, plastics, paper, bamboo, horns, and some cortex (purse), cell phone plastic shell, rubber stamp, photosensitive chapter, sponges, paper ​ It can cut plywood 3mm for 1 time Shipping list: A 10w complete machine A laser protective eyewear A power supply A USB computer connection line A set of Wrench


Model 100*100CM
Control Board Lasrexe
Communication Port MircoUSB
Laser Quick Replace Support
Stepper Motor 42H34S-1304A
Power Input AC100-240V
Sysytem Support Win XP/7/8/10
Engrave Mode Photo, Word, Scan, outline, Pixel Laser Engraving
Supported Formats jpg, bmp, svg, G-code
Material Stainless Steel and Acrylic
Working Voltage DC 12V
Working Current DC 2.5A
Laser Power 300mw/500mW/1600mw/2500mw/5500mw7w/10w aviliable
Control Software System cncc software
Engraving Accuracy 0.01mm
Engraving Area 100x100cm / 39.37 x 39.37inch (maximum)
Engraved object height limitatiion No Limitation
Package Weight 8.30kg
Can Engrave Wood, Plastic, PCB, Paper, Bamboo, Ox Horn, Leather,
Sponge Paper, etc.
Can not engrave

Metal(7w and 10w can), Stone, Ceramics, Glass, Reflective or Transparent Material

Certification CE, FCC, FDA(Please contact us if you need them)
Function ideal for amateur laser engraving usage low-light positioning
and freedom positioning functions.
Features 100*100cm ultra large engraving area,gantry shape design,
no engraving height limitation.
Three stepper motor drive providing faster moving speed.
500mW violet laser module with heatsink, high laser
engraving power and long-term available.
can print any pictures easily
Product detail drawings software : engraving sample Note: 1. Please wear laser goggles during usage and avoid touching the laser directly with your eyes and skin!
2. This is a whole assemble set and needs to assemble by your own.
3. Please note that the laser module should work less than half an hour per time, and then work again after cooling down.
4. The warranty period of laser module is one month. If you have any quality problem(Except individual situation like using the laser
module more than 30 minute one time and casue the damage ), please feel free to ask our customer service for a help. Thank you.
5. If you have any quality problem about the machine, please feel free to contact us. Many operative problem can be solved according
to your video. It can effectively save your time and energy if you send the video to us with the problem description. Thank you in advance.


1. How to assemble the kit?
The assemble and connection manual will be sent to your email

2. What software can support this machine? And what image format? Engrave Mode?
Supported Software: ,, T2-Laser, , GrblController, LiteFire, Laser GRBL, etc.
Supported Image Format: jpg, bmp, svg, G-code
Supported Engrave Mode: Photo, Word, Scan, Outline, Pixel Laser Engraving

3. What system can the EleksCAM support?
PC Win XP 7/8/10 , Laptop is ok,too.

4.My laser doesn\'t work, what should I do?
If the machine does not work, it might because:
① Laser module/ driver board/motor/power supply is broken.Please check which part is the main problem,and then send us a video to prove it.
Or you can send us a video about your software setting,working laser and driver board. We will analyze it and give you a solution.
② The kit misses some accessories.Please compare with the instruction and tell us, we will send it to you for free.
③ The wire connection is wrong.Please check the connection like the picture shown.
④ Your computer could not support the software.Please use Win XP 7/8/10 to check it.
⑤ Software problem.Please check whether wires are inserted rightly. And then check your data setting.

5: My software shows: Not data, what should I do?
There might be two reasons.
① You did not open Administrator privileges to run the software. Please try this.
② Your computer architecture is incomplete:check whether VC ++ and. Net and directX are installed, and have to turn off the virus.

6. Can I regulate the laser power or the laser power is adjustable?
Our new Mana SE controller board can adjust the power. Please download our ElekesCAM software to do it.

7. Can I upgrade stronger power laser module by myself? Can I extent rail frame?
Yes,you can.DC12V laser module can be installled on this machine. The red is positive.You can also extent the frame by yourself,
but we do not provide rails. Please note that.

8. If my laser is broken and I might find the reason(Or I could not find) . What should I do?
① Find the reason: Take a video to prove the part is broken and then send it to us. we will give you a solution according to your video.
② Could not find the reason : Check the Question 4 first. If the problem could not be solved, please feel free to contact our customer
service with a video to my email.The video should contain software setting, broken part details and the power-on machine.
We will solve it asap. You need to be sure that before you purchase a 15w Mini desktop DIY Laser engraving engraver 10w cutting machine Laser mark on metal 100*100cm big worke area laser cutter you have previously seen and browse the detail of the merchandise first. In this manner you can be sure that you are getting the right product which will work for you. Since this 15w Mini desktop DIY Laser engraving engraver 10w cutting machine Laser mark on metal 100*100cm big worke area laser cutter has top quality it is among the best sellers on the market now and several folks are recommending this product to their family and friends. These days this product is actually affordable for almost everyone and it’s an excellent buy for the money. You don’t need cheaper products if it will only sabotage your projects and can not provide you with the sort of quality that you'll require in the product. With the bigger price you could be sure that your cash is worth spending in this item.